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Successfully utilise complete cloud platforms within your business

Get a seamless and data-driven IT landscape with our cutting-edge expertise in data security and continuous optimisation of your cloud environment. We combine traditional and modern operating models such as private, public and hybrid cloud via our data centres in Norway.

Our customer centre offers flexible IT solutions with predictable costs. We take full responsibility from implementation and optimisation to maintenance and support.

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Some of our IT services ^

Simple & flexible IT

Our goal is to make cloud services and security easier and more accessible for you. Therefore, we can offer a wide range of services within IT operations and security.

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Customer support

Do you need technical help? Contact our 24-hour support center to get assistance.

Cloud solutions ^

Many businesses still have applications that cannot or should not be moved to a public cloud. The solution to this is application modernisation combined with hybrid environments. Our cloud specialists give you good advice along the way in your cloud transformation.

We help businesses become efficient and data-driven through continuous optimisation of their cloud environments, regardless of which cloud platform they choose.

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Cloud and IT services for companies
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IT operations & outsourcing ^

When you outsource your IT operations to us, we ensure that everything from security, backup, network, monitoring and maintenance is handled efficiently and safely.

Leave the client operations to us, and we manage all the company’s devices, both in terms of security (antivirus) and management of available applications, as well as delivery of meeting rooms, PCs and associated equipment. 

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Network Services ^

If network services are needed, we supply network products from well-known manufacturers, handling upgrades and monitoring from our operations centre. 

Our network operation service also involves the outsourcing of network operations and helps ensure that all the company’s network components can function optimally.

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IT and Cloud services in Europe
Backup services

Backup & Monitoring ^

Are you looking for continuous backup management and server monitoring? Our solution is protected with several types of firewalls for the highest possible security, and we carry out constant security assessments, for example, related to new threats such as crypto viruses and the like.

With the possibility of “long-term storage”, the data is copied to tape and moved to a third location. Ask us to know more about our backup solutions.

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The future of Microsoft license management ^

Identifying the right license plans for the entire organisation is the first step towards optimal management. After that, we create a plan for the efficient handling of all your Microsoft licenses. We reduce your total costs by, among other things, ensuring that the number of available licenses is always kept at zero.

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Cloud services for companies
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Send us a message to get an offer, more information about our services or to book a call with a consultant. For technical support, go to support.

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