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Empower your business and reach your full potential with solid cloud & IT services

Today’s best practice is moving the entire organisation to the cloud to live out its full potential, but this procedure is far from risk-free. Cloud computing raises security, portability and reliability challenges, making your organisation vulnerable. 

Partnering with Arribatec reduces these risks, as our cloud consultants will guide you through the process and deliver a complete cloud platform solution customised to your business. This way, we can encounter challenges before they appear.

We have discovered new drivers laying the foundation for a thriving cloud environment. The basic needs must still be taken care of – but on a platform built for growth, integrations and automation. Handing over the responsibility for migration, monitoring and maintenance to Arribatec ensures a robust and reliable cloud landscape with endless opportunities.

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Operations & Data Center
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Design & Development
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  • IT Operations

    Let us take responsibility for your entire company’s IT infrastructure and simplify the complexity at a predictable price.

  • IT Support

    Fast and personal support. Helps via email, remote help or emergency call if needed. Go to helpdesk – Customer Support

  • Monitoring

    We detect IT problems before they occur with 24h monitoring.

  • Advisory

    Your competence centre – together we develop your company’s IT strategy.

  • Hosting

    Store your business data in our public, private or Hybrid Cloud solutions.

  • Security

    Do not think about it – we take care of everything necessary so you can relax.

  • Device Management

    We set up your devices – ready to use. Manually or via autopilot – managed and controlled 24/7.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Ensure your organisation complies with GDPR with our integrated and user-friendly GDPR compliance solutions and GDPR consultancy.

  • Red Team

    Our red team specialises in proactive penetration testing of systems and their levels of security. Identify possible backdoors or exploitable vulnerabilities.

Arribatec Cloud Platform ^

Together with our customers, we focus on finding the right mix of cloud-based software instead of pushing through one provider. Our system specialists and consultants tie software together and develop new ones where needed.



Public Cloud

Take your business further with a Public Cloud solution for development and innovation. We design, operate and monitor the cloud platform for your applications in collaboration with Public Cloud services provided by Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Public Cloud is consumption-based, where you only pay for the CPU cycles, storage space or bandwidth you use. Unlike private clouds, public clouds can save companies significant costs related to the purchase, administration and maintenance of a local hardware and software structure, as the supplier takes responsibility for all administration and maintenance of the system. Choose between Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.

Hybrid Cloud

Combines the best from the public and private clouds in one hybrid solution – straight from our data centres in Norway (Oslo and Bergen). We move our clients to a future-oriented, secure and high-tech operating platform that combines the best of our data centres (private cloud) and the public cloud.

Our Hybrid Cloud uses a fully automated HCI platform to realise the benefits of Private Cloud. Share data and applications between the public and private cloud for optimal performance and speed. This allows for very high flexibility for companies that generally produce in their own infrastructure but need a temporary capacity expansion to remove load peaks in the systems.


Independent & Experienced

Our consultants have experience with several market-leading cloud platforms and can help you utilize the cloud independent of your chosen cloud provider. If you have not decided which direction to go, we help you find the perfect provider that fits your business needs.

We optimize your cloud-based processes with a focus on security, performance and reduced cost. With stable and safe IT operations, you can focus on what you do best;
deliver value and grow your business.


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