Digital transformation for energy, oil & gas ^

Digitalisation of the energy sector with advanced data analyses, quality assurance and process management tools

The energy sector is entirely different today compared to how it was in the 60s. To stay competitive, the industry must keep up with modernisation. The petroleum industry ultimately depends on digitisation and information technology.

With tools and consulting from Arribatec, you can utilise your resources better. We ensure that your investment strengthens your company’s competitiveness.

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What is digitisation for the energy sector?

The industry in the middle of a technological revolution

Digitisation is about combining domain expertise with knowledge of digitisation. Digitisation results in more efficient work processes, and better decisions, helping to reduce repetitive work tasks. Energy companies spend a lot of time ensuring the quality of data. Digital solutions, such as our management system QualiWare, combined with our consulting services for establishment and operation, contribute to more significant value creation for the oil and gas industry.

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IT løsninger for Energi selskaper
IT løsninger for Energi selskaper

The industry that invests billions in digitisation ^

According to the energy companies themselves, the new initiative revolves around two main points:

  • Repetitive and repetitive work tasks currently carried out manually must be automated or digitised to the greatest extent possible so that employees can spend their time on other tasks. 
  • The company should also invest systematically in advanced data analysis to make the best possible use of resources.
Arribatec can help your company with this. With our interdisciplinary expertise and solutions for resource optimisation, insight and process improvement, energy companies reach their goals with digitisation faster.
IT løsninger for Energi selskaper
IT løsninger for Energi selskaper

Make the path to the climate goals shorter ^

Petroleum technology is now being developed to make it possible to produce oil and gas efficiently and with the lowest possible emissions. The industry longs to find solutions for negative CO2 emissions, offshore wind technology and emission-free hydrogen.

Information technology and a digital management system  help drive these processes in a systematic, transparent and strategic way. IT will be absolutely crucial for developing other technologies that provide new sustainable solutions. 

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A management system that ensures safe workplaces offshore ^

Since the oil adventure began, oil and gas has been a tough industry, and compliance with procedures, laws and regulations is critical to maintaining a safe and secure working environment.

With the management system QualiWare , the company can prepare core processes and support processes that are available and communicated
to the entire organisation in order to maintain good HSE with the goal of zero incidents.

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IT løsninger for Energi selskaper

BMS Go – an HSE tool that employees actually use ^

One of the focus areas within offshore HSE is reporting deviations and unwanted incidents, with the requirement that everything must be rectified.

With one of our latest additional products for QualiWare – BMS Go – employees get access to relevant management documentation through a user-friendly mobile application where they can report deviations directly from their mobile phone and into the company’s management tool.

Ensuring that employees themselves report incidents efficiently and accurately is an essential part of HSE to prevent new accidents on the Norwegian continental shelf.

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Want to know how we can help your company digitise? Let’s look at the possibilities together.

Solutions for energy companies ^

The management system QualiWare maintains compliance with a dynamic set of regulations for both ISO certifications, GDPR and other guidelines within the offshore industry. Our consultants help you succeed with technology and digitization projects.

Process improvement

Get assistance from consultants who specialise in oil and gas companies. There are specific industry requirements that require domain knowledge, experience with digitisation and insight into the current regulations to be able to work with process improvement. Arribatec has extensive experience in this industry.

With advanced data analysis and digitisation from Arribatec BI & Analytics, we help you deliver continuous results. Get more out of our resources, get a complete overview of emissions and quickly address negative trends with a visual and user-friendly measuring instrument.

Through integration with legal data, we ensure that all relevant laws are updated at all times and linked to the management system. Get notifications when applicable laws are updated or changed. All changes are automatically updated in the management system.

Mobile app integrated with the management system QualiWare allows employees to report incidents and deviations from the mobile offshore and directly into the management system, which is followed up through documented processes.

In the oil industry, the internet is not always a luxury you have available. With BMS Offline, employees can work in the management system QualiWare without internet from anywhere.

Compliance mapping

We help you map and document compliance with

  • the activity regulation
  • the framework regulation
  • the governing regulation
  • the facility regulations

as well as other relevant regulations, requirements and laws for oil companies.

Document management

We help you structure all documents in a clear and transparent system that makes documentation and reporting easier and better.

IT løsninger for Energi selskaper

A safe IT supplier for the petroleum industry ^

Oil and gas companies follow strict requirements and regulations, where a lot of knowledge about the industry, the laws and the rules that apply is needed to be a valuable supplier.

We deliver digital services and information technology to some of the largest players in the oil and gas industry in Norway. Arribatec has many advisers who only work with customers in the oil and gas sector with a long track record in the industry.

Arribatec is the only supplier that has expertise in both consultancy, business development , implementation, operation and configuration of management systems. As a petroleum company, you therefore have one supplier to deal with rather than many sub-suppliers.

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Change management in the oil and gas industry ^

Oil and gas is a conservative industry where it takes time to change working methods and incorporate new digital tools. At the same time, it is an industry which in recent decades has had to work hard on restructuring and is therefore prepared to make the changes needed to create a sustainable and competitive business.

Our advisers know the industry and have a number of management tools in their briefcase. We work with commitment management and change management on a daily basis.

IT løsninger for Energi selskaper
IT løsninger for Energi selskaper

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