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Training, skills development and certifications with Arribatec system courses

As a global specialists in ERP and Enterprise Architecture are our consultants eager to teach you their secrets so your business can succeed faster. Arribatec Training Center helps you.

When introducing a new business system, training is fundamental to success and maximum return on investment. Our trainers provide tailored end-user training for businesses worldwide with a hands-on approach, either on-site, online or a combination.

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Gain a better understanding of your solution with an introductory course or dig deeper to become a pro in a specific software with our advanced courses.

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Unit4 ERP courses ^

Whether you are a new or experienced user, training is key to understanding and working effectively with Unit4 ERP. As an Elite Partner, we can take you through new functions and major changes and enable you to work more confidently. In addition to our standard Unit4 ERP training courses, we can tailor any course to your specific needs. A selection of our training offers include:

  • End user: Learn specific modules with a focus on processes and functionality in the processes.
  • System administrator training: Advanced training essential to the overall management of your system.
  • Train the trainer: Train your trainers as needed for large-scale solution implementation.
  • New functionality: Help your team understand the main changes after a system upgrade. 

Learn how to effectively solve system challenges that may arise in day-to-day work. Customised courses for one, some or all employees.

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Unit4 HR & Payroll ^

Make better-informed people-based decisions, including deployment. We teach you to leverage analytical purposes so that you always have the right people doing the right things to drive your organisation forward. Become a pro at tracking, managing and growing your workforce’s skills and capabilities for the future of work.

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Consultants and advisors
Consultants and advisors

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Training in data security
& compliance ^

Keep employees and management up to date on all security routines and meet the challenges of the future with an interactive workshop on digital security.

We can run anything from a 2-hour online course for one person to a multi-day course for the entire company so that all employees follow the same routines and safety is ensured effectively and appropriately.

Our Senior Cloud-certified administrators also work as part of Arribatec’s internal compliance team and contribute to increased competence in your company.

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Consultants and advisors
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Help with GDPR support for business

GDPR courses ^

Order a GDPR introductory course for your entire company and ensure that all employees follow the same routines or provide in-depth GDPR training for key managers in your organisation. Be mentored by one of our Certified Data Protection Administrators and Senior Certified Cloud Administrators. We recommend combining our GDPR-services with an intro course 

Our GDPR consultants are passionate about the subject and help make GDPR manageable and interesting for our customers.

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Courses in Business Process Management ^

Get the most out of your IT resources – improve collaboration and achieve an efficient and comfortable workflow. Learn how to work with Business Process Management (BPM). It is time to rethink management and quality systems and to get the most out of it, we recommend a tailor-made skills development course with us.

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Courses in enterprise architecture ^

See the big picture and draw the long lines with QualiWare which is among the world’s leading digital platforms for process management and Enterprise Architecture (EA). Our consultants can turn you into a QualiWare professional in no time. Customised courses are available for both physical and online sessions.
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Arribatec Q4 2022 Presentation

Arribatec Q4 2022

Join us on February 14, when CEO of Arribatec Group, Geir Johansen, presents the financial results from the fourth quarter of 2022

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Best technology Consultants and advisors for companies
Best technology Consultants and advisors
EA Modeling eLearning ^

Become more efficient and diverse in your EA modelling when you use QualiWare with our on-demand eLearning courses for Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management.

The QLM EA Modeling course package consists of six different courses. Choose one or more courses to get started with skills development today. Take all six courses to become a certified QLM EA Modeller.

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Skill development within business management, reporting & data ^

Unlock new insights and data with business intelligence and reporting tools such as Power BI and Hypergene.

Our course provider has domain knowledge in the Business Intelligence & Analytics field and will teach you how to extract relevant and important data, structure it visually and make better decisions based on the results.

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Consultants and advisors

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