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Flexible & digital processes

We offer solutions for managing properties that provide a smoother everyday life for both you and your tenants.

Introducing the ERP functionality you need for your digital transformation plans; saving costs while getting modern and responsive aids to help you make better decisions.

Fully digital rental from expression of interest to signed agreement – which means that you and your customers save time.

Solutions for housing & real estate companies ^

Multi-company setup

Our solutions can be optimized for multi-company setups, a setup configuration that we see many real estate companies benefit from and with which we have extensive experience.

Choose the latest generation of intelligent ERP software solutions built for real estate companies. Financial management, project management, procurement management and operating accounts in one comprehensive tool.

Engage, support and inspire your employees through a seamless blend of advanced HR and payroll systems from our partners, with Arribatec as your implementation partner.

Automated financial planning and analysis, budget management and financial forecasting with interactive dashboards and powerful pre-configured models.

Adra Suite is a perfect fit for all medium-sized businesses worldwide that want to simplify their financial reconciliation processes and empower their teams.

Helping housing organisations uncover hidden data and present it in a way that makes it easy to measure progress and the status quo. Discover new possibilities behind all the data about housing and the work done in the organisations.

Quality management and business management in one integrated software, in the cloud or on-premises. You can ensure that all process improvements, deviations and document handling complies with regulations and requirements for public administration.

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ERP for property management ^

Having an ERP system to manage your properties means a smoother everyday life for you and your tenants.

A GDPR-compliant management system means that cases can be automatically assigned to suitable agents for all related issues, with automatic digital communication throughout the process.

Arribatec will help you implement a more intelligent contract management system, allowing you to control all your leases, create contracts for electronic signature and, when the time comes, recalculate rents easily and quickly, maximizing profits in the minimum time possible.

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Integrations for housing & real estate companies ^

For a successful implementation of an ERP system for the housing and real estate industry, it is necessary that all the company’s systems are smoothly integrated.

Arribatec integrates your current systems with your ERP solutions, so your organisation can take more informed and sustainable decisions through systems that talk to each other. Forget having the different departments working in silos and moving to a seamless business operation.

Business management for housing & property management ^

User-friendly and visual solution with Hypergene

Hypergene‘s system gives you access to user-friendly tools that give management support in their strategic work, managing targets, risk, key figures and reporting. A flexible and comprehensive decision support system that sharpens the internal administrative processes and frees up time for businesses and customers.

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Proceedings ^

A GDPR-compliant case management system means that cases can be automatically assigned to the right agents for all related cases, with fully digital communication throughout the process.

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