Business management ^

Management structures and work processes that are organisationally sustainable.

We can establish and improve processes, ensuring quality and creating stability in complex organisations.

Process management is central to everything we do. With the help of our enterprise architects and management system, the organisation achieves its goals while you effectively navigate changes, trends and disruptions.


What we do ^

Our experienced consultants support you with implementation, management and continuous improvement and development of your management structures and work processes.

Enterprise Architecture ^

Whether for managing change initiatives, IT landscape, digitisation initiatives or innovating your business model, enterprise architecture (EA) leverages your organisation’s information and knowledge to build what you need to take strategy execution to the next level.

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Improve the way you work ^

Accomplish your goals while effectively navigating changes, trends and disruptions. Enterprise architecture makes business complexity manageable by structuring and aligning strategy, organisation, processes, information, applications and technology. 

Our business architects help you map dependencies and opportunities that help you make better decisions.

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Business Process Management (BPM) ^

Improve agility and resource management, and strengthen your ability to respond quickly to market changes by connecting and communicating all related roles, goals, systems and other business-related objects to your processes.

Gain better insight into inefficiencies and maintain a competitive advantage through flexibility and responsiveness to customers’ demands.

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Prosjektledelse ^

Forbedre smidighet og ressursstyring, og styrk din evne til å reagere raskt på markedsendringer ved å koble og kommunisere alle relaterte roller, mål, systemer og andre forretningsrelaterte objekter til prosessene dine. Få bedre innsikt i ineffektivitet og oppretthold et konkurransefortrinn gjennom fleksibilitet og respons på kundenes endrede krav.

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AMS styringssystem qualiware

Transform your business with QualiWare X ^

QualiWare X is a management system that includes visionary tools, methods and services to manage complex organisational challenges.

Get a complete 360 view of your organisation with QualiWare X. Develop and transform the organisation with intelligent management and collaboration to bridge the gap between strategy and execution – the simple way.

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BMSx is our series of applications that improve and expand the capabilities of your QualiWare-system.

Management system app for mobile devices.

Automatic archiving solution for historical content.

Synchronisation of laws, regulations and standards in your management system.


Flexible & dynamic business management with Hypergene ^

By bringing together the financial, operational and strategic planning processes in Hypergene you work coherently and efficiently in a fast-moving world. Some of the modules you can get in Hypergene:

  • Strategic planning
  • Budget and forecast
  • Analysis & insights
  • Business reporting

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Support Centre ^

Do you need technical help? Contact our 24-hour support team.

Get help with business management ^

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