Hardware ^

Full lifecycle management of corporate devices including hardware leasing

Keep up-to-date with automatic hardware renewal every 3 years, automatic setup and securing of the device according to your company’s security procedures. In addition to the hire of hardware, we are responsible for logistics and submission for reuse or sustainable recycling.

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Safe, secure and quality-assured procurement of hardware ^

Do you want to buy rather than lease? Arribatec Cloud is your partner in the procurement process. We guide you through the jungle of hardware and ensure you get quality equipment at a reasonable price with all essential security measures activated. 

We supply all hardware for your company: PCs, printers, monitors, meeting room equipment, servers etc.

Purchase hardware for your organisation through us, and we will automatically handle the setup of new machines and quality-assure your security routines for all active devices.

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Sustainable management of hardware ^

At Arribatec, sustainability is the focus, and we ensure that all hardware is handled in the best possible way after the end of the depreciation period.

We collect equipment for reuse where possible and deliver for sustainable recycling on behalf of your company.

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Administration without leasing ^

Alternatively, you can be responsible for purchasing hardware yourself, where we are responsible for automated setup, securing the device and access to user support if problems or incidents arise.

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Modern Meeting Rooms ^

Our modern meeting room packages based on Microsoft Teams give you lightning-fast connection and a modern, flexible, and wireless meeting experience. No more cable knots or “why doesn’t the sound work now”.

Arribatec supplies and installs all the technical equipment with content as desired, and no technical expertise is required from those who will use the meeting rooms.

We tailor solutions for several types of rooms:

  • Conference rooms
  • Regular meeting rooms
  • Quiet rooms

Accessible & user-friendly ^

Among other things, we deliver interactive touch screens that work very well in a team environment. The screens make meeting rooms more accessible for people with reduced mobility, where you can lower the image on the screen so that, for example, wheelchair users can draw themselves.

We can also supply sound dampening made of sustainable cork material that provides good acoustics and smart display screens at the entrance door to the meeting rooms that provide an overview of who has booked the room and when.

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Get your modern workplace set up ^

Send us a message to have a chat about how we will modernise your workplace.

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