Management systems ^

Enable growth and rapid change

A management system improves your company’s resource management and ability to respond quickly to market changes by structuring and communicating all roles, goals, applications and other business-related objects to your processes. 

Arribatec’s consultants help you choose the right management system, the implementation process, migrating from the old system, integrations and training etc. Contact us here.

Management systems
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Ensure compliance & quality ^

Gain better insight into inefficiencies and maintain a competitive advantage through flexibility and responsiveness to customers’ changing requirements.

A management system gives you a quick overview of which processes, workflows and information comply with various regulations and guidelines, for example ISO97001 or the UN’s Sustainability Goals.

Process control and management with QualiWare X ^

Qualiware is a process- and compliance-based management system giving you a complete 360 view of the business. Take the company forward with intelligent administration, overview and routines that build a bridge between strategy and execution.

Process management and improvement are central to everything we do. With the help of our business architects and the management system QualiWare, the organisation achieves its goals while you effectively navigate changes, trends and disruptions. We also offer a separate add-on product range for Qualiware.

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Goal management, risk, sustainability & planning with Hypergene ^

Hypergene is a cloud-based management system focused on planning, reporting and analysis that helps you further develop your business. 

With advanced analysis and financial reporting options, you can work with goal management in a way that breaks down overall plans for goals, key figures and activities throughout the organisation.

We help you implement and configure the Hypergene modules that give you the most value, as well as integrate the system with other data sources. Get in touch for a demonstration.

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Consultants and advisors

Management system
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Do you need help with your new or existing management system? We got you covered.

We have dedicated teams for implementing, customising and administrating your management system. Our consultants help you through the entire procurement process, from mapping needs and identifying a fitting system to implementing and maintaining the system in the long run.

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