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Optimum operational support and insight into your own business with integrations

Our integrations give you a seamless user experience and a holistic system landscape where all business applications talk to each other. Integrate your systems with our proprietary solutions and software for optimal operational support and insight.

Development and establishment of integrations between different professional systems is one of the expertise areas of Arribatec – we are the preferred integration partner.

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Make better and more sustainable decisions by integrating all your systems into a single source

A determining factor in how well your systems work and how much return you get is based on how well they are integrated with your other business systems. A seamless flow of source data provides faster and more accurate access to business information.

We set up the integrations between your systems, and in cases where integrations do not already exist, we can develop completely new ones.

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Developing new integrations

Where there are no existing integrations available, our DevOps team can develop new integrations between exactly the systems you need. We do this through API technology and our own Arribatec Integration Engine.

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ERP integrations ^

Integrate your ERP system with our self-developed solutions and other market-leading products for better operational support and insight than a stand-alone ERP system.

A skilled technical consultant, who masters the standard integration tools in your ERP system, in close collaboration with a professional consultant, who knows the professional requirements, is, in our opinion, a fundamental prerequisite for success with the integration work.

We have broad experience developing integrations between well-known ERP systems and other software.

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CatalystOne integrations ^

We have teamed up with CatalystOne, a market-leading Scandinavian supplier of HR systems, to form a technological alliance that offers a complete, scalable solution that digitises and automates business processes across the disciplines of HR and payroll.

Much of the data from HR and payroll is shared; therefore, a lot of data is entered into several systems, which again have to be updated manually in several places. This creates unnecessarily high requirements for data verification and an increased risk of human error.

We find that more and more organisations want their processes and systems to be integrated so that information and data flow freely and provide efficiency and automation. With this partnership, we can offer a comprehensive solution for HR and payroll.

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Customisations & DevOps

Adapting existing software or developing completely new applications?

In some cases, building new integrations is not sufficient to achieve an optimised system landscape. Some times we have to build new applications that integrate with your existing systems, such as our Company Validator add-on for Unit4.

Our DevOps team works at the intersection of development and operations, customising and developing solutions to your problems. This means a more optimised system landscape, new data insights, better workflows, and increased employee satisfaction.

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Consultants and advisors