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Gain insight into your finances and operations

Non-profit organisations’ main challenge is finance. By choosing a future-proof cloud solution, you can gain a clearer insight into finances and budgeting, adapt to changes more quickly and strengthen your workforce.

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Arribatec helps voluntary organisations succeed with digitalisation

At Arribatec, we understand that non-profit organisations can be just as complex as commercial enterprises. We know your needs and the specific requirements for financial management so that we can offer relevant advisory, implementations, integrations and continuous operation and optimisation of the solution.

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Non-profit solutions

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We check whether ERP can be a good investment for your non-profit organisation. We can deliver ERP systems as SolaaS – a delivery model that frees your organisation from risk and gives you peace of mind, knowing you are doing what is right for your people and mission.

An HR system optimises your personnel processes and increases the productivity, engagement and growth of your volunteers. Provide full flexibility and support to your team, and more importantly, retain the talent involved and supporting your community mission.

Gain real-time visibility and control over all stages of the reporting cycle. Make better informed, impactful and future-proof decisions using tools to perform intelligent planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Non-profit solutions

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Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the preferred ERP solution for many non-profit organisations. The reason behind this is Unit4’s project and financing capabilities. The solutions offer great flexibility, which is essential for a modern NFP.

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Our experienced consultants will ensure a seamless implementation

Our experienced consultants have worked with non-profit organisations for many years. We understand your concerns and give you peace of mind that your solutions are implemented seamlessly.

Our team uses the same applications as our customers, so we know what challenges you and your assistants may face in your daily work.

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Cloud-based software solutions that allow non-profits to focus on what matters

By continuously keeping change and scalability in mind, we focus on security, performance and reduced costs when operating and optimising your cloud environment.

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A tailored ERP solution for voluntary organisations

Choosing the right ERP solution can help the organisation run more efficiently, be more appealing to donors, and generally strengthen the focus on your social mission.

You can trust our team to find you a cost-effective non-profit ERP solution that will meet all your needs and allow you to focus on what matters most.

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Stay focused on your mission

  • Streamline and automate processes to save time and money.
  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • Use modern technology to better inform donors.
  • Save on IT-support costs.
  • Provide frontline employees with real-time knowledge.

Get the most out of your financing

  • Track and optimise funding resources across several projects and reporting periods.
  • Free up a budget for more initiatives.
  • Ensure prompt repayment of funds.
  • Manage grants better and more clearly.

Make decisions that benefit your users

  • Give frontline staff access to real-time data and insights.
  • Automate planning and reporting tools to streamline and reduce audit costs.
  • Allocate resources efficiently, both in terms of money and people.
  • Create comprehensive financial plans and centralise historical and future data.

Be accountable for everything you do

  • Ensure compliance with regulations and grant requirements.
  • Track documents, transactions and approval audit trails.
  • Use a solution built around non-profit regulations.
  • Satisfy donor requirements with increased transparency and safeguard the public trust.

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