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Grid and power companies often have complex organisations that require solid and intelligent solutions

At Arribatec, we have extensive experience in assisting energy companies. The employees’ experience from the industry, combined with broad expertise in technology, gives you relevant advice for your business in combination with robust and market-leading system solutions.

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We have handled several projects and assignments related to management, consultancy and analyses, improvement projects, to the energy and power industry in Norway and abroad.

Our Enterprise Architects leverage your organisation’s information and knowledge to take your strategy execution to the next level. Our consultants help you map dependencies and opportunities that help you make better decisions.

Many companies in the industry use Unit4 as their ERP solution. As a Unit4 partner, we have specialist expertise in the solution and together with our industry knowledge, we can deliver an ERP solution adapted for grid and power companies.

Unit4 Payroll is an integrated part of the Unit4 ERP solution and is used by all our power customers. We have years of experience in the field, supporting energy companies with our expertise in HR and payroll.

Our Cloud department delivers services and products from all known cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Choose between a private cloud, a public cloud or a hybrid cloud.

We help energy companies manage security and compliance in a resource-efficient and safe way. Our compliance department ensures you have the right tools and expertise to follow the industry’s guidelines and requirements.

Application support

We use the software Splunk to process selected data in energy companies’ environments. Splunk searches, analyses and visualises all server and service-based data for monitoring, uncovering error sources, and seeing trends in collected data.

User-friendly tool that gives management and managers in the energy and power industry access to support their strategic work with target management and risk, key figures and reporting. Hypergene is a flexible and comprehensive decision support system.

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Sustainable technology

Our Enterprise Architects work to create consensus. We simplify complexity by establishing management structures and organisationally sustainable work processes. In close collaboration with our customers, our business architects develop the following:

  • A robust business architecture, which lays the foundation for further growth and adaptation to new market conditions
  • Business management with a focus on quality, efficiency and flexible processes
  • Suitable processes for change management, and we like to have total responsibility when establishing customer management systems.
  • Suitable processes for the maintenance and further development of management systems, and we are happy to carry out this work with or on behalf of the customers.

Unit4 ERP for grid
& power companies ^

Modelling and standardisation

Unit4 ERP is a proven ERP base for businesses within the energy and power industry.

Arribatec has extensive experience delivering solutions and services to energy companies based on Unit4 ERP. One of the most important things that must be established through implementation is a standard and standardised financial model/information model.

This model forms the basis for all information registered in the solution and, not least, what can be reported from the solution. Through several financial model projects with various energy/grid companies, Arribatec has built solid experience related to suitable models for these companies. Do you want to know more about typically relevant models for an online company?

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IT løsninger for Energi selskaper
IT løsninger for Energi selskaper

Integrable ^

Tailored for the energy sector

Unit4 ERP has the integrability necessary to interact with the energy companies’ other systems such as NIS, GIS, work order solutions, field solutions such as SpeedyCraft, etc.

The system has built-in API and web services. Despite this, Arribatec has also developed the Arribatec Integration Engine as an integration engine used to standardise how we design, operate and maintain integrations against Unit4 ERP.

Scalability ^

A system that grows with the business

Unit4 ERP is highly scalable and is used by relatively small companies with 25-50 employees to large international groups with several thousand employees and many legal entities.

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Consultants and advisors

Modular ^

Unit4 ERP consists of standard modules, where you can choose to use all or parts of them. The system has a standard basic model at the bottom, which is used throughout all modules; the same applies to master data – projects created in the Project module are automatically available for use in, e.g. the purchasing module or the facilities module. The same applies to, e.g., customers and suppliers; these are automatically available as part of the finance module.

This means that, over time, several parts of the solution can be used without this needing to entail extensive implementation runs.

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Cloud services for the energy sector ^

Some companies need a Private Cloud solution, either due to security reasons or the need for quick access to the platform’s resources. We help you set up and maintain a secure and cost-effective private cloud at your selected destination.

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Go fully modern with public cloud services from our partners; Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services. Public Cloud provides energy companies with full scalability.

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Get a tailored cloud solution with the best of both private and public clouds with our hybrid cloud solution. Arribatec Cloud is operated from our ISO27001-certified data centres located in Norway.

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Business management for the energy sector ^

User-friendly and visual solution with Hypergene

Hypergene’s system gives customers in the energy and power industry access to a user-friendly tool that supports management and bosses in their strategic work with target management and risk, key figures and reporting. A flexible and comprehensive decision support system sharpens internal administrative processes and frees up time for businesses and customers. Hypergene contributes to: 

  • Increased performance through higher internal efficiency
  • A truth and common goal for the organisation
  • Comply with climate targets
  • Control of KPIs

Hypergene can also be used to visualise the income framework from NVE to analyse cost norms and the income framework against the company’s base. The NVE data contains information on actual costs for net rent, which is used as a basis for calculating the balance in the company.

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Consultants and advisors
Consultants and advisors