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Arribatec is the largest Unit4 Elite partner in the world and was voted the year's growth sales partner in 2021

With deep expertise across industries and several years of successful implementations, we are the natural choice when looking for a Unit4 partner.

We simplify the path to success for your business by implementing, customising, maintaining and supporting the entire business landscape with Unit4 ERP (Agresso) as the core engine.

Our consultants integrate your Unit4 solution with our own developed solutions and add-ons and other market-leading systems to provide better operational support and insight than what the ERP system does alone.

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Our Unit4 ERP offering ^

Largest in the world

Following the acquisition of Integra Associates, we are officially the largest provider of Unit4 services worldwide.

Specialist in Unit4 ERP ^

Arribatec offers expertise within Unit4 ERP & ERPx for private and public enterprises.

By choosing Unit4 ERP, you get a sustainable solution for many years. Arribatec’s primary focus is to implement scalable solutions that allow for changes when necessary. The solution will ensure high efficiency and reduce the need for manual routines.

Whether you need advice regarding your current systems or want to explore new directions, our consultants and developers will assist you throughout the process.

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Unit4 consulting ^

Whether you want to upgrade, simplify or streamline, our advisers will assist you throughout the process.

Our consultants are specialists in the Unit4 solution and combine it with extensive experience in the practical use of Unit4 with many different customers; Arribatec can offer the highest quality advice. 

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Do you need technical help or want to know more about our Unit4 services?

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Unit4 Health Checks ^

A health check is a condition analysis that maps your business’s use and setup of Unit4 ERP.

What was a smart solution a few years ago may no longer be the most efficient way to use Unit4 products today. Here, a health check can contribute to better utilisation of Unit4 in your business.

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System integrations & customisations of Unit4 ERP ^

Development and establishment of integrations between different professional systems is a separate focus area at Arribatec, and we will be your preferred integration partner.

We have broad experience developing integrations between Unit4 ERP and other specialist systems. Arribatec has great faith in and experience combining technical and professional expertise in this context.

A skilled technical consultant, who understands the standard integration tools in Unit4 ERP, working in close collaboration with a professional consultant, who knows the professional requirements, is, in our opinion, a fundamental prerequisite for success with the integration work.

Add-ons ^

Arribatec has developed additional solutions for Unit4 ERP to enrich further and complement the solution.

The following solutions are integrated with Unit4 ERP:

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Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients

Skill development for employees ^

Top expertise in Unit4 ERP and customer-tailored training for employees in businesses who want to keep up-to-date on new functions. Unit4 ERP is a feature-rich system that is continuously developed. This means that new features and updates are regularly coming that you need to keep up-to-date on.

Arribatec offers customised training in Unit4 ERP. We can guide you and your employees in how to use the system in the best possible way. We can also assist your business with training new employees. This increases competence in Unit4 ERP and ensures that the new employee gets to work quickly.

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Administration & support ^

Arribatec offers different levels of management help and support to its customers. This is because we need to provide relevant assistance based on the customer’s needs.

Our support organisation and support system handle daily support and user support. If your business needs administrative help in addition to IT support, Arribatec can provide a dedicated team of resources that will be responsible for you as a customer.

The customer team will then advise on better utilisation of the current Unit4 ERP investment, assisting with process improvements and possibly further developing the Unit4 ERP solution portfolio in your business. We believe this will be best-taken care of by having a permanent team of resources who know you as a customer.

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Applications management ^

Through long experience with Unit4 ERP as an application and our experience with the operation and management of various customers’ installations, Arribatec has developed its own operational monitoring service, Application Performance Management (APM).

In the APM service, Arribatec is responsible for keeping your Unit4 ERP installation up to date with the latest software version. In addition to this, we supervise and monitor the application with all ongoing processes on the Unit4 ERP installation. Tuning and monitoring of the database are also central to the service. This, in combination with proactive and automated notifications and ongoing reporting, ensures the best possible performance of Unit4 ERP for your business.

Project methodology ^

Arribatec’s project methodology follows the principles of the Project Guide, which is the public sector’s chosen method and is again based on Prince2. The scope is scaled according to the size and complexity of the project.

An overall goal of a good project methodology is a model that describes management for good control and execution of customer projects. A successful project provides the best basis for further cooperation in terms of support and service, as well as continuous development and improvement with our customers.

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