Business intelligence & data analysis ^

Powerful and easy-to-use tools for business intelligence and analysis

We are passionate about data and strive to provide your business with a solid foundation for strategic and operational decisions.

Our experts work with a wide range of analysis tools such as Hypergene, Power BI and Unit4 FPA to provide reliable and relevant insights to your business. This means you get a solution based on your needs rather than offering the tool we happen to know best.


Experts in business reporting & analysis ^

Our consultants are experts in business intelligence, reports and data analyses. We have advisers who help you with the strategy, developers who implement your new tools and system administrators who operate and maintain your system landscape.

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Reporting & analytics tools ^

We aim to make the path to success easier for your business, and to succeed; you must utilise the data and insight available to you.

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Framework for unique insights & data mining ^

Our framework defines the people, processes and platforms that need to be integrated and aligned to take a more strategic approach to business intelligence (BI), analytics and performance monitoring (PM) initiatives.

Through a good understanding of our customers’ processes and systems, as well as the creation of master data, we ensure quality and lay the foundation for accurate and correct data for reporting, analysis and performance management.

Visual reporting ^

To understand the bigger picture, make good decisions and achieve competitive advantages, we deliver BI and reporting solutions in combination with our consultants’ cutting-edge expertise as an integrated part of your system landscape and IT strategy. 

Unlock powerful and user-friendly analysis tools that utilise your company data and ensure that you are moving in the right direction according to the strategy.

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Management ^

Distribute plans, goals and KPIs across the entire organisation. Enables employees to identify activities, report back, comment and change process status. 

Link KPIs for continuous measurement to goals, roles, and activities designed to meet those goals. We give you great flexibility and a customised solution that reflects your organisation’s specific management models. 

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Maritime consulting services and management systems

Reporting & analysis ^

The basis for a successful analysis lies in process support, a workflow engine that structures and monitors current and pending tasks in the process.

Arribatec helps you change, quality-assure and streamline your budgeting and forecasting processes. Let the entire organisation work from a unified and clear view of reality with an easy delegation of tasks across departments. 

We can integrate with other business systems, such as your accounting and HR system, to give users access to important input and reference data in their daily work.

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