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Take advantage of data from various sources and systems to make informed and well-considered decisions, helping your business achieve success in the short and long term.

We combine advisory with technical expertise when we analyse your company’s needs, map strategic goals and ambitions and create a plan to bring insight into the business.

Our BI & Analytics team work with various platform and analysis tools such as HypergenePower BI, Azure Data Platform and Unit4, covering the breadth of data and analysis possibilities in the market today. This means you get a solution based on your needs rather than a solution based on the tool we happen to know best.

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Take a closer look at what we offer within the various tools:

Management ^

Distribute plans, goals and KPIs across the entire organisation. Enables employees to identify activities, report back, comment and change process status. 

Link KPIs for continuous measurement to goals, roles, and activities designed to meet those goals. We give you great flexibility and a customised solution that reflects your organisation’s specific management models. 

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Reporting & analysis ^

The basis for a successful analysis lies in process support, a workflow engine that structures and monitors current and pending tasks in the process.

Arribatec helps you change, quality-assure and streamline your budgeting and forecasting processes. Let the entire organisation work from a unified and clear view of reality with an easy delegation of tasks across departments. 

We can integrate with other business systems, such as your accounting and HR system, to give users access to important input and reference data in their daily work.

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