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Professional Services Organisations (PSOs) are always on the lookout for how to grow their business, and they need a scalable solution that grows with them. Arribatec delivers ERP & FP&A solutions that embrace the changes and allows your growth strategy to go hand in hand with project success.

Evolving means that your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software gives you the peace of mind to let your staff focus on bringing, supporting and retaining your customers by freeing your experts from manual handling tasks.

At Arribatec, we serve all types of professional services organisations. Our consultants have more than 25 years of experience implementing business solutions and have worked on many different projects, allowing us to offer industry-specific knowledge that meets your requirements.

Solutions for professional services organisations ^

We deliver holistic, integrated solutions with Unit4 ERP as the core business system. We implement, customise, integrate and support these ERP systems in combination with other best-of-breed systems.

Our dedicated Human Resources & Payroll team knows the processes and daily challenges of the HR department and can offer world-class advisory service.

Quality management and business management in one integrated software, in the cloud or on-premises. You can ensure that all process improvements, deviations and document handling complies with regulations and requirements for public administration.

Our team will help your organisation take an integrated approach to all your financial planning needs and give you precise data that can turn insight into action for better operational budgets or forecasting sales, costs and revenue.

Adra Suite is a perfect fit for all medium-sized businesses worldwide that want to simplify their financial reconciliation processes and empower their teams.

Our experts work with a broad range of business intelligence (BI) tools such as Unit4, Hypergene and Power BI to provide reliable and relevant insight for your organisation. This translates to you getting a solution customised to meet your needs.

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Why choosing Arribatec for implementing Unit4 Software?

We are a PSO ourselves, so we understand your industry and pain points. We also have other business areas that can complement your necessities. 

At Arribatec, we have improved data integration. We have a set of architects and developers working as a team to ensure that the systems evolve with your changing business needs over time.

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Software for Professional Services Organisations

A secure cloud for your organisation ^

Our team has excellent experience implementing ERP and understanding organisations’ needs and processes. By always having post-ERP implementation changes and scalability in mind, we focus on security, performance and reduced cost for cloud options.

We make your ERP system yours, meaning that your team have full ownership of the solution and you can make changes when needed, offering you unbeatable flexibility. We make it easy for you to transition into a cloud-based ERP.

At Arribatec, we focus, together with our customers, on finding the right mix of cloud-based software instead of pushing through one provider.

Business management for professional services companies ^

User-friendly and visual solution with Hypergene

Hypergene’s system gives you access to user-friendly tools that give management support in their strategic work, managing targets, risk, key figures and reporting. A flexible and comprehensive decision support system that sharpens the internal administrative processes and frees up time for businesses and customers.

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