Systems Health Checks ^

Get the most out of your solutions and ensure optimal working methods

Feature-rich systems with regular updates make it difficult to keep up with best practices. A health check is a condition analysis that maps your company’s use and setup of systems and software.

We ensure full utilisation of your systems.

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Unit4 Health Checks ^

Not everyone makes full use of Unit4 ERP’s potential. 

Many customers have used Unit4 for a long time, and what was a smart solution a few years ago no longer has to be the most efficient way today. 

Unit4 ERP is a feature-rich system continuously developed with constantly new solutions for the software and makes it challenging to keep up to date with news in a busy everyday life. Here, a health check can contribute to better utilisation of Unit4 ERP at your business.

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Health check of HR & payroll systems ^

Payroll systems such as Unit4 HR & Payroll and CatalystOne are continuously developed with regular improvements, new modules and version updates.

We help the HR department stay up to date on best practices and new additional functions through a health check and condition report of the business’s utilisation and setup.

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Continuous follow-up ^

Optimisation and skills development

We can, of course, assist with optimisation and skills development after the health check. Our advisers give you good guidance and can develop a solid strategy for continuous optimisation and fully utilising your systems.

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