Adra® Suite

Streamlines the financial close and automates the reconciliation processes

Do you want to save time and money at the end of the period? Trintechs Adra Suite automates and streamlines tasks, improves accuracy and reduces the risk for optimal management of the accounts.

Reduce the time spent matching transactions at period end and improve your balance reconciliation using automation.


Full transparency at the end of the period ^

Track your team’s progress, gain complete insight into the closing process, and understand every detail of your closing with endless reporting options.

Adra® Suite integrates seamlessly with other financial systems so you can close faster with greater confidence in the reported numbers.

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Specialists in ERP integrations ^

With our expertise in ERP systems, such as Unit4 and RamBase our developers can offer seamless integrations to third-party software such as the Adra Suite.

We take full responsibility for your entire system landscape, and our consultants can support your organisation with advice on everything from implementation and adaptation to maintenance and operation.


Gain confidence in your reported numbers ^

The path to a successful and well-functioning financial account includes the following:

  • Adra® Matcher: Automated transaction matching allows you to focus on handling discrepancies.

  • Adra® Balancer: Matched transactions integrated with balance reconciliation.

  • Adra® Task Manager: Centralised checklists and documents that enable complete visibility and control over the entire financial close process from start to finish.

  • Adra® Analytics: Customised reports and dashboards that highlight opportunities for improvement.

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Let us integrate Adra with your Unit4 Business Solution for simpler accounting.


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