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Complex systems made simple - developed to ensure quality at all stages

Health & welfare organisations constantly strive to improve the quality of their deliveries, streamline daily work, simplify purchasing processes and facilitate the rapid changeover.

Therefore, many are increasingly turning to our industry-leading software and consulting services.

Quality is not something you have; it is something you do and cannot be bought for – you have to build quality into the processes, and for that, you need good tools and consultants with domain knowledge.

How we can help health & welfare organisations

Control system

Ensure those process improvements, deviations, and document management comply with ISO certifications and other regulations. Quality assurance that the company's processes are structured and communicated. User-friendly portal design with the company's profile, in the cloud or on-premises.

GDPR handling

The regulations for GDPR are changing rapidly, and our flexible GDPR tools keep you constantly up-to-date and by current laws. Healthcare organisations manages a critical amount of sensitive personal data that must be handled with the highest level of security. Our compliance team are specialist in handling sensitive health information.

Enterprise Architecture

Consultant assistance for mapping and visualisation of the healthcare institution's infrastructure. Get help defining aspects across the business, process architecture, strategy, laws and requirements, IT architecture etc. Arribatec has extensive experience in the health & welfare sector and knows where the pressure is.

Unit4 ERP

As an Elite partner, we have specialist expertise in Unit4 ERP. This, combined with our knowledge of the sector, means we can offer relevant advice for your business.

Unit4 HR & Payroll

Healthcare organisations can benefit significantly from Unit4 HR & Payroll, which we integrate with your existing ERP solution. Arribatec has extensive experience in HR & Payroll and helps your healthcare organisation get a better overview and control of your human resources.

Cloud services for the healthcare sector

We take full responsibility for operating and managing software and computer equipment. This frees up time to focus on more critical research-related activities.

Why chose Arribatec as the IT system supplier for the healthcare sector?

There are strict requirements for how things should be done, and much knowledge about the industry is needed about the laws and rules that apply, and Arribatec can do that 

To ensure equal treatment for everyone, all employees work in line with defined processes is critical in health & welfare care. There is little room for personal working methods in state-subsidised companies, and the patient must always be the focus.

We can help you with this through our solutions, such as a complete management system or a holistic ERP solution that takes these challenges into account.

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IT løsninger for helseforetak og velferd
Best technology Consultants and advisors for health and welfare companies

Complete competence in business development and digitisation within health & welfare^

Arribatec is the only supplier that has expertise across consulting, business development, implementation, operation and configuration of management systems.

Our understanding of the health & welfare sector makes us a suitable partner for establishing, improving and managing your business architecture.

Digitisation of the health and care sector ^

A management system that prepares health & welfare organisations for change and restructuring.

With a world view constantly changing, it is critical to ensure the quality of the delivery from healthcare companies. If the business is already ISO certified or plans to become one, our management system will make work more accessible through process maps, risk management, documentation and visual wizards.

The control system QualiWare allows faster change in the event of critical incidents through a complete overview of the business in the form of reports and analyses covering compliance, requirements and social behaviour that provides a basis for quick and sound decision-making.

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IT løsninger for forskning helse og velferd

Advantages of QualiWare ^

Watch the webinar about QualiWare or read more here

hypergene webinar 21.april.2022
Play Video about hypergene webinar 21.april.2022

BSMx Legal Data

Leverage the value in the structured regulations from Lovdata through API integration directly into the QualiWare management system to maintain compliance with current laws.


Mobile application that allows you to take the QualiWare system on the go. Particularly well suited for more significant buildings and hospitals where you depend on flexibility without access to a PC.

BMSx Archive

An intelligent application that takes snapshots of the QualiWare management system so that you always have access to extract historical data whenever you want.

IT løsninger for helseforetak og velferd

Risk management within healthcare

Our digital solutions highlight risks in processes and make it easy to manage and reduce risks within structured activities. Furthermore, it provides a financial overview of risk costs.

In the health & welfare industry, you must turn around quickly. During the pandemic, the health sector had to be restructured overnight and rapidly adapt to the new everyday life. Our management systems will keep you ahead of incidents with the help of severe risk analyses and quality-assured emergency plans.

IT løsninger for helseforetak og velferd
IT løsninger for helseforetak og velferd
IT løsninger for helseforetak og velferd

Business architecture for health and welfare ^

Why is it important for patients?

Quality is not something give, but a value that needs to built trhough a smooth and transnparent management.

Our business architects can help you in establishing and maintaining your Quality level through an holistic and tailored sustainable management processes, core processes, sub-processes and activity descriptions.

A business architect can assist healthcare companies with process improvement, for example category-based procurement plan, procurement projects, as well as follow-up of agreements, suppliers and the market.

Best technology Consultants and advisors for companies

Document Management

We help you structure all documents in a clear and transparent system that makes documentation and reporting more accessible and better. 

In recent years, healthcare businesses have undergone a massive upheaval in technology, digitalising most of the prosses and management aspects. This still requires that all data are handled securely and strategically.

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Best technology Consultants and advisors for health and welfare companies
Best technology Consultants and advisors for companies