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We offer expertise in Unit4 ERP HR & Payroll for private and public enterprises

By implementing Unit4 ERP HR & Payroll, you get a sustainable solution for many years. Arribatec’s main focus is to implement scalable systems that allow for changes when necessary. This Unit4 solution will ensure high efficiency and reduce the need for manual routines.

We help your business with Unit4 ERP HR & Payroll. We can assist with setting up an existing solution or introducing new functionalities.


Consulting within
Unit4 HR & Payroll ^

Knowledge of you and your business is an important prerequisite for being able to offer relevant advice

Arribatec’s consultants have both breadth and depth of expertise within their respective areas. This, in combination with long experience in the practical use of the Unit4 ERP software with many different customers, means that Arribatec can offer high quality to its consultants.

Our consultants can look up and offer advice beyond the day-to-day management and operation of HR and payroll. With Arribatec, you can be sure that the assistance is always professionally based.

Customer stories ^

Your Unit4 partner ^

Based on industry challenges and problems related to manual processes, Arribatec developed its own products to simplify the complexity and make the path to the goal easier for you.

As an Elite partner for Unit4 ERP, you can trust that our Unit4 products and services are best in class.

Integration to Unit4 HR & Payroll ^

We solve the challenge with integrations between different subject systems

Our Unit4 consultants master the integration tools in the Unit4 universe and work closely with a professional consultant who knows the payroll requirements. We help you integrate Unit4 HR & Payroll into your Unit4 ERP system and other third-party systems you might have in use.

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Training for your HR department ^

Get tailored training for employees working with HR or payroll functionality

Unit4 HR & Payroll is continuously improved with new features and best practices. Keeping all your employees updated on their own might be difficult, so Arribatec offers customised training sessions for Unit4 ERP HR & Payroll.

We guide your staff in using the system in the best possible way. We also assist your business with onboarding and training new employees.

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