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The best ERP system for industrial and wholesale distribution companies

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system that helps production and distribution companies gain control over the entire value chain, from sales to production to delivery. 

Built on a future-proof platform, RamBase is a flexible cloud ERP system with rich industry features developed by our partner with extensive industry knowledge and implemented by our most skilled consultants.

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RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system that helps production and distribution companies gain control over the entire value chain, from sales to production to delivery. 
RamBase Cloud ERP
RamBase Cloud ERP

Power BI connector for Rambase Cloud ERP ^

Visualise data from Rambase Cloud ERP through Power BI to gain better insights into your business as well as more and more detailed reports. Arribatec has created a user-friendly standard solution that simplifies the integration process between customers’ Rambase systems and Power BI, ensuring a quick setup.

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Sales – From lead to customer renewal ^

Get control of the actual value of your offers by letting your sales ERP system have full control of all registered opportunities, the value of your total pipe, your hit rate and your lead quality. 

RamBase Cloud ERP Sales offers support for a complete sales pipeline that extends from working with ‘cold’ opportunities to following up the backlog and deliveries with a very high level of control. 

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Procurement – ​​Run procurement processes faster ^

Whether your purchase, internal or external manufacturing work order requirement originates from a sales order, customer forecast, or simply to ensure the correct minimum level of inventory – the RamBase Cloud ERP Procurement Module has streamlined, automated processes that ensure all needs are met and handled together.

Manage your supplier relationship in a user-friendly interface, storing all necessary information and purchase history. Improve cost savings by introducing configurable cost management rules to ensure purchases are aligned with your procurement policy.

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RamBase Cloud ERP

Manufacturing – complexity made simple ^

RamBase can handle multiple production options, giving you complete control over everything from stock location, delivery status and stock shortages. Integrated processes give you complete control over all supplier purchases and correspondence with suppliers, and this information is available throughout the production process.

The updated status of each product is available at the part level, giving you complete control over what you need to do to get the product delivered as planned.

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A sneak peek into the system

These glimpses offer a firsthand view of RamBase’s power and versatility. They allow you to explore its functionalities, intuitive interface, and seamless integration with various business operations. Join us on this visual journey to discover RamBase’s transformative potential.

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Why choose RamBase from Arribatec?

RamBase is a SaaS ERP system with extensive functionality. It covers the entire value chain and can solve industrial problems. At Arribatec, you get implementation, integration, and maintenance included.

Arribatec can deliver everything you need and acts as a “one-stop-shop”. You will receive good follow-up from our consultants, awarded the Partner Award in 2022 from the system supplier Hatteland.

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RamBase excellence partner

We are RamBase’s Silver Certified Partner in Norway and Bronze Certified Partner in the UK. This accreditation shows our commitment to delivering this ERP suite to our clients in an excellent way, helping them make the most of the solution.

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