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We are proud to bring our vision – simplifying complexity – to companies worldwide and transform IT systems into enablers for growth. But the Arribatec model could not be built on its own, so we partnered with market-leading suppliers and niche product developers to offer our customers a unique mix of services and products delivered as a complete solution.

Consulting and advisory

Let Arribatec find the perfect mix of products and services for you. Choose market-leading products from our partners with Arribatec’s knowledge and development services, tailored to your business.

Grow your business with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from Unit4. Take complete control of your business planning and forecasting processes and support them with advanced analysis and reporting capabilities – all in a single software. Arribatec is a recognised Elite Partner, and our senior consultants help you drive digitisation and integrate Unit4 with the rest of your system landscape.

Hypergene is a very well-kept secret in Enterprise Performance Management. With fantastic success in the competitive and innovative Swedish market, this Swedish product has, through its partnership with Arribatec, gone abroad! 

Combining Performance Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, BI & Analytics and Output Management in one solution makes it a unique system that most companies can benefit from implementing. Contact us to explore Hypergene’s potential!

RamBase is a complete cloud-based ERP solution for manufacturing and the wholesale industry. RamBase it in the cloud, everything integrates, all processes connect, and it’s built for your business.

RamBase is owned by Hatteland, and has been a key factor in the company’s 40 years of success stories – built for the cloud and one of the first ERP systems to operate from the cloud. Continuously developed by a dedicated team to meet your needs.

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Consultants and advisors
Consultants and advisors

Inbound faster with open source on Microsoft’s Azure while improving your security. Gain insight into your business by combining data from all systems, visualising it in interactive reports, and using an intuitive dashboard with Microsoft’s Power BI.

We know Microsoft and Office 365, delivering it to thousands of users and working in the Microsoft environment ourselves.

CatalystOne is a software for people with the purpose of enabling businesses to thrive.

Support all HR processes, from hire to retire, while building your own solution combining the modules and functions that your company needs. A real digital human resources hub  for the modern organisation.


IT løsninger for forskning og høyere utdanning

Pagero offers a Smart Business network that connects buyers and sellers for the automated, compliant and secure exchange of orders, invoices, payment instructions and other business documents. 

With an open network and a wide range of value-added apps, Pagero helps businesses streamline their order-to-cash and buy-to-pay processes while unlocking the full potential of accurate and reliable business data. All this, regardless of location, industry, size or systems.

Trintech offers automated reconciliation and financial close processes while fulfulling the needs of finance professionals.

The Adra Suite of Solutions by Trintech is the financial close automation software for commercial businesses. It improves accuracy, reduces risks and automates and streamline work.

QualiWare is a management system that structures and visualises all processes, activities, regulations and requirements that an organisation must implement, improve and carry out to comply with and achieve its strategic goals.

The management system gives you endless possibilities and flexibility with a comprehensive overview and total control over your business.

Jedox is the world’s most adaptable planning and performance management platform. We work in Jedox in Continental Europe, optimising value creation across businesses.

Using Jedox allows companies access to relevant and less complex information faster, and more consistency in reporting and ultimately improves the holistic management of the business.

ERP Apps offer portals for Unit4 ERP systems, designed to increase the engagement of low touch users and customers. 

Using ERP Apps Portals reduces the time and stress taken to input data into Unit4 ERP systems, whether they’re new suppliers, customers getting their payment information, or staff updating their profile information. 

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SEMINE, a powerhouse in the Nordic region, effortlessly manages millions of incoming invoices for over 10,000 companies.

Renowned as one of Scandinavia’s fastest-growing growth companies, they take pride in being a finalist in the prestigious Nordic Start-up Awards. Their dedicated efforts over the years have culminated in the creation of a cutting-edge platform that leads the world in automating data acquisition, cost distribution, and streamlining accounting firm processes.

Made for finance leaders, Prophix offers a solution that is scalable to any business and works with a variety of ERP solutions.

Arribatec is one of the partners of Prophix in APAC, investing in a platform that empowers financial insights, streamlines budgeting and planning processes and supports collaboration between departments for a better view of your company’s finances.