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Arribatec delivers digital solutions, services, consulting & infrastructure to companies and institutions where human capital makes up most business. Our global team includes 400+ of the best software engineers, developers, project managers and consultants in the business.

We look at diversity as our greatest asset, and with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise we work together to find you the right mix of services and market-leading products, delivered as one neat solution.

  • | Business Services

    Arribatec Business Services delivers integrated & scalable solutions with ERP as the core engine in a customer’s business landscape. Use artificial intelligence, unique insights and research management to grow.

  • | Marine

    Gain full control of your fleet with our domain knowledge and Arribatec Marine’s own web-based software InfoSHIP, enabling efficiency enhancements to a broad range of vessel types and technical processes.

  • | Hospitality

    Arribatec Hospitality introduces futuristic and ground-breaking technology for optimized housekeeping and self-service check ins. Move away from outdated processes to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

  • | Cloud

    Arribatec Cloud provide cost-effective and flexible public and private cloud solutions to improve the customer’s day-to-day operations and productivity goals.

  • | EA & BPM

    Our EA reveals dependencies, change impact, and opportunities to drive good business decisions. BPM helps you gain and maintain a competitive advantage through flexibility and responsiveness in a changing landscape. 


  • | Qualisoft

    With Qualisoft, you get everything you need to make good decisions about strategies, applications, processes, technology and people. In one system. Businesses that introduce Qualisoft’s control and quality systems benefit from a tool that looks after all activities, regulations and requirements that an organisation has to carry out or implement in order to achieve its strategic goals. Qualisoft will become Arribatec EA & BPM.
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  • | Microsky

    Microsky offers IT- and cloud operation services to customers in all industries. Competitive within banking, finance and developer companies. With Azure Stack in its own data center in Bergen, you get a real hybrid cloud solution from Microsoft with a high compliance level and hands-on support. Security level adapted to lawyers, trustees and banks. Microsky will be part of Arribatec Cloud.
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  • | Innit

    Innit aims to be the best in customer experience and technological application. As an IT company that works with large and small companies that want to use web technology and new platforms for communication and operation, Innit aspire to deliver solutions and services that helps their customers achieve real goals. Innit will be part of Arribatec Cloud.
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  • | Fácil

    Through the formation of key relationships and by integrating with some of the biggest providers of hotel and hospitality solutions Fácil aims to create seamless user experiences that not only enhance the guest experience but also allow businesses, both large and small to thrive through the use of modern technology. Fácil will be part of Arribatec Hospitality.
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  • | Maksit

    Maksit’s main focus is to help customers simplify and improve their own HR and payroll processe by working closely and long-term with their customers. With broad and in-depth expertise in their area combined with long experience in practical use of the Unit4 ERP software, Maksit is able to deliver trustworthy and high quality services. Maksit will be part of Arribatec Business Services.
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  • | Gruppo IB

    IB Influencing Business is an industry leader in marine operations software company, specialized in providing the highest technology and professional services available to support the digitalization transition in the maritime sector, while maximizing return on assets, increasing control over operations and helping our clients increase their value and obtain a competitive advantage. Gruppo IB will be part of Arribatec Marine.
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  • QualiWare

    Enterprise Architecture and Business Management tool for successful digital transformation. Evolve and transform your organization with smart management and intelligent collaboration to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

  • Unit4 ERP

    A cloud-based, self-driving, adaptive and intuitive enterprise software giving your people the means to focus on what matters. Arribatec is accredited Unit4 Elite Partner 2020 and 2021 with deep domain knowledge cross industries.

  • InfoSHIP®

    A web-based software suitable for cruise, tanker, cargo, bulk, ferry vessels and any type of ship. InfoSHIP® brings a high level of fleet control and efficiency to a broad range of technical processes.

  • Boson Go

    An app extension to QualiWare that is produced and and maintained by Arribatec EA & BPM. It gives you easy access to specific content in the QualiWare repository, presented on a mobile device. Get easy access to content wherever you are, in a secure way. 


    An online tool developed by Arribatec Cloud for follow-up, training and administration of apprentices. Apprentices can document directly from mobile or tablet with photo, text and video. They also get an overview of upcoming events, relationships, messages and more.

  • Instipro3

    Research Project Management developed by Arribatec Business Services, giving you full control over all projects. Get a complete overview of the projects in relation to agreed frameworks and allocations from different sources. Project and financial accounts are automatically synchronized at all levels.

  • Rambase

    A complete ERP business platform that gives full control over your entire value chain. RamBase Cloud ERP covers all your key business processes and lets you integrate the external information you need to grow your business efficiently.

  • Power BI

    Power BI is a powerful collection of tools and services from Microsoft. Get insight into your business by combining data from all of your systems, visualize it in interactive reports, intuitive dashboards, either on your computer or tablet and mobile device.

  • Hypergene

    Combining Performance Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, BI & Analytics and Output Management in one solution makes it a unique solution most companies can benefit from implementing. Contact us to explore Hypergene’s potential!

  • Holographic kiosk

    The world’s first 100% touchless check-in and check-out for your guests. We utilise holographic technology to present your guests with a user interface mid-air. The Holo Kiosk is integrated into your properties existing systems.

  • Self-service kiosk

    We develop our services around your needs. Our check-in kiosk integrates with the hotel’s PMS and lock system in real-time, and works regardless if your hotel has a mix of mobile-enabled locks and other key solutions.

  • Certify Housekeeping

    The tool for daily management of the entire Housekeeping Department, developed by Arribatec Hospitality. Digitalized cleanliness- and inspection processes for rooms and public- and exhibition areas.

  • GDPR Portal

    The GDPR Portal is the privacy law translated into practice. A digital toolbox with tools for mapping, controls, risk assessments, analyzes and documentation. Be guided through the process, or supplement with an implementation package from our GDPR consultants.

  • Microsoft Azure

    With our Azure specialists and our own Azure Stack in Norway, we can offer a best-in-class cloud environment for your entire company. Go full speed and security with Azure Hybrid Cloud in one of our local data centers or focus on development and innovation with Azure Public Cloud.

  • …and much more

    Contact us to see how we can help your business succeed in a dynamic and competitive environment with help from our own or third-party products.

Our history

Arribatec was founded in 2015 by Per Ronny Stav and former colleagues from Unit4. Since the establishment, the company have experienced an incredible growth and a transformation in the IT consultancy business worldwide.

As a result, Arribatec Group has become one of the fastest-growing IT providers in the Nordics and landed on Deloitte’s Fast 50 list, and is now listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The company serves more than 1000 private and public businesses in over 25 countries. According to the founder, the right mix of people has been the key to success;

“We have brought together some of the best people from across disciplines. Whether ERP, consultancy or software development – domain competency and a holistic delivery model sets us apart.”

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Arribatec today

Today we focus on creating the world’s best, scalable digital solutions across IT disciplines, and we are proud to bring our vision, Arribatec One Solution to companies around the world.

We help businesses reach their full potential by transforming Enterprise IT systems & services.

On average, Arribatec is landing one new customer per week since its founding. We do not believe in geographical constraints, with 48% of the company’s turnover coming from abroad, where the US is the fastest-growing market.

Arribatec tomorrow

Looking forward, we see a strong market within all of our business areas and across all regions. The group will continue improving and developing our software and solution offerings.

Furthermore, the company will continue to look for M&A opportunities that can give access to new and complementary solutions, increase our geographical footprint, or enhance our presence in our verticals.

As our name says (Arriba = Up and Tec = Technology)
our technology brings your business upwards.
Together we RISE.

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Our transformation

With seven new companies acquired and merged by the end for 2021, the Norwegian software & consulting company has added new products, services and solutions to the Arribatec portfolio. In addition, new customer segments and geographical areas have been added to the operational reach of Arribatec’s services globally.

This makes us a one-stop-shop for technology, driving synergies and simplifying complexity.

Over the last year, we have spent significant time and effort on realigning the entire Arribatec Group’s management organization into the following five Business Areas from a customer perspective;

Our mission & core values

Our mission is to provide simplicity. We deliver One Solution, empowering organizations by turning technology into an enabler for growth. One Solution is delivered as a fully supported and managed service on a sustainable platform – connecting people, processes, and systems.
We take ownership of the complete service and system landscape, delivering a solution that is tailored and cloud ready.
We share RISE as our core values:
R – We take Responsibility
I – We act with Integrity
S – We are Service-minded
E – We Empower those around us

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