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With 40 years of experience in consulting, implementing and developing IT systems for the maritime sector, we provide solutions that support shipowners and managers in their digital transformation. Boost your competitiveness while increasing your company’s reputation.

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If you seek efficiency, rely on our digitalisation path. We support your digital journey through solutions with a tailored range of critical functions easily integrated with your other corporate’ applications. The main goal is to provide “trusted data” that can:

  • help operations to run smoothly,
  • provide analytics for better insights,
  • making data-driven business decisions faster and with greater confidence.

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Maritime consulting services and management systems

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Professional services for the maritime sector

Our Infoship system is a comprehensive and fully web-based Planned Maintenance System (PMS) for technical ship management that includes much more than just PMS. Infoship help you stay on top of planned and unplanned maintenance of vessels.

System Integrations

Integrating your software with all your databases, structures, and systems enables sharing strategic information, maximising data reuse without double entries, and moving the asset management technology forward.

Business Process

The answer for a successful implementation is a software suite that fits your needs and a defined business process that melds with it. Our business process consultants help you succeed faster.

Database construction

Certainty and homogeneity of your data is fundamental for efficient asset technical management and reliable data analysis. Our database construction service is customised to your actual needs, letting you achieve significant cost savings and minimal turnaround time.

Data Migration

Our migration service is built to help migrate your data quickly and easily from different platforms and systems, with minimal interruption to your ongoing operations.

Training & Implementation

Our software training services help you maximise the value of your investment as your end users quickly acquire the skills they need to become confident and productive.

Compliance system

The management system QualiWare maintains compliance with a dynamic set of regulations for both ISO certifications, GDPR and other guidelines within the offshore industry. Our consultants help you succeed with technology and digitisation projects.

Compliance mapping

Our consultants help you map and document compliance with

  • the activity regulation
  • the framework regulation
  • the governing regulation
  • the facility regulations

as well as other relevant regulations, requirements and laws for oil companies.

Customer Support

Our support teams are located in Genoa, Pontinia, Hamburg and Miami. Each hub has expertise and is in charge of business analysis and interaction with the customer base.

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Always together through all the phases of your digital journey

We place the highest value on trust and are committed to achieving this through our IT competency, processes re-engineering, and the evolutionary dynamics of our products. Together with our partners, customers and people, we can adapt to changes and embrace the digitalisation era with excellence and consistency.

Maritime consulting services and management systems

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Maritime consulting services and management systems
infoship performance

From ship management to fleet asset management ^

Let Infoship guide your journey

Since 1983, we have been developing and enhancing a web-based PMS solution for the marine sector that is flexible to the new demands of the maritime market and flexible in adapting to the new needs of its end user. Our software is called Infoship and combines the latest data-driven tech with the scalability of a modular structure just to be as adaptable as possible to the needs of its users.

Infoship modules:

Enable your users to optimise the stock process, improve the reliability of machinery, increase the control of ship efficiency, build on shared knowledge-based, benchmark company performance and keep their budget under control.

Record and track incidents that occur on board. Manage the expiry or renewal of certificates, plan audit scheduling, and handle the follow-up flow of technical inspections and events.

Hotel Defect Management

A management tool designed for cruise lines to enhance their productivity, collaboration, and accountability. Get the tools and framework needed to deliver the highest level of customer service.

Support the technical department in managing projects such as Drydocks, Refitting or large CAPEX projects. Keep budget vs actuals under control, collect improvements requested by the ships and monitors the work in progress.

A management system that ensures compliance ^

Compliance with procedures, laws and regulations is critical to maintaining a safe and secure working environment.

With the management system QualiWare, your organisation can prepare core processes and support processes that are available and communicated to the entire organisation.

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Looking to simplify fleet management and business processes? 

Maritime consulting services and management systems
Maritime consulting services and management systems

Let’s go beyond your expectations ^

Empower your fleet technical system with a bespoke support service

You can rely on our experienced and devoted team who can offer you Professional Services or Annual Technical Support for your PMS software.

 A dedicated team will always support you. Our extensive knowledge in 3rd party solutions and related support services will improve your PMS and help it live up to your company’s business expectations.

Arribatec Marine ^

A part of Arribatec Group

With 40 years of experience in consulting, implementation and development of IT systems for the maritime sector, Arribatec Marine can support maritime organisation to stay competitive and compliant with international regulations.

Maritime consulting services and management systems
Maritime consulting services and management systems

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Maritime consulting services and management systems
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