Authorities & public sector ^

Make public services work smarter by using IT & consultancy from Arribatec

Public administration faces several challenges, from strict documentation requirements and demanding case management to reduced funding and increased demand. Our software solutions help public enterprises cope with challenges and stay ahead of societal changes. 

We have the right experience and solutions to improve public administration productivity, quality and functionality.

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Solutions for the public sector ^

Unit4 ERP

A comprehensive tool includes financial, project, purchasing, and operational management. Are you looking to embrace better process methods and make faster decisions? If so, Unit4 is the right tool for your business.

HR & Payroll

The software optimises personnel processes, simplifying and increasing payroll processing accuracy, productivity, engagement and development in the department.

Management systems

Quality management and business management in one integrated software. Ensures that all process improvements, deviations and document handling comply with regulations and public administration requirements.

Unit4 budget & forecasting (FP&A)

Automated financial planning and analysis, budget management and financial forecasting with interactive dashboards and powerful pre-configured models.

Automated transaction reconciliation

Simplify period closing, and gain better visibility and control with the Adra Suite, which integrates seamlessly with your ERP and existing financial systems.

Reporting & analysis

Helping public sector organisations uncover hidden data and present it in a way that makes it easy to measure progress and status quo. Discover the possibilities behind all the data.

Consultants and advisors

Technology tailored for public administration ^

Arribatec serves several public enterprises in Norway and abroad. Our consultants have over 25 years of experience implementing Unit4 solutions for public companies, allowing us to offer industry-specific knowledge that matches your needs.

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An IT supplier that creates value for society ^

25+ years of experience in the Public Sector

This means you get a tailored solution based on our industry knowledge of technology for public administration.

Public enterprises manage society’s funds. We develop and operate systems that optimise this use of resources and provide a complete overview of the company’s daily operations. The designs are integrated with other market-leading solutions, giving you a digital platform full of valuable data analysed through visual and user-friendly reports.

We have advisers, project managers, enterprise architects and developers who work as a team to ensure that their systems are equipped to meet the public’s requirements and regulations.

A management system for public business ^

In the public sector, it is critical that one prioritises correctly, uses resources efficiently and has high quality in case management and service delivery.

A complex public administration must be easy to deal with and act as seamlessly as possible. To achieve this, a solid foundation is needed with management processes that are anchored and accessible throughout different departments.

QualiWare management system has been developed, among other things, to handle all management processes and other governing documentation in a comprehensive and user-friendly portal.

The portal ensures that all processes are internally anchored, communicated, and accessible to all employees in the organisation. The management system lays the foundation for sound decision-making and positions the business for rapid change.

Best technology Consultants and advisors for companies
Unit4 ERP provides businesses in the public sector with financial and operational reliability, allowing processes to run despite economic changes or limited budgets. Our consultants are experts in bringing your departments and projects into an all-in-one solution that talks to all the other systems. 

Unit4 ERP for the public sector ^

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ERP replaces outdated legacy systems and improves deliveries from the entire business. The plan was developed to help public enterprises increase productivity, reduce costs, and create possible value from the allocated resources. It is also an essential tool for planning for the future.

Unit4 ERP provides businesses in the public sector with financial and operational reliability, allowing processes to run despite economic changes or limited budgets. Our consultants are experts in bringing your departments and projects into an all-in-one solution that talks to all the other systems. 

We deliver Unit4 ERP services to, e.g. several municipalities in Canada, Sweden or the UK. Arribatec Group has been named an Elite partner for the second year and tops the list of all Unit4 elite partners worldwide. We have also distinguished ourselves as the ‘Sales growth partner of 2021’ Get in touch for Unit4 onboarding, maintenance, skills development, and support.


Sustainable and green technology ^

Our sustainability coordinator works to make our business and industry greener every day. Some of our measures include re-using computers and components, stricter guidelines for our subcontractors with inspections, reduced work travel, litter picking during working hours and bees in the office.

Through our annual sustainability report, you can follow our measures for a greener environment and a healthier planet.

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) ^

Increase productivity and reduce costs

Unit4 FP&A, formerly known as Unit4 Prevero, helps public enterprises improve transparency and financial accountability. The system for budgeting and forecasting is ideally suited for public enterprises.

Make informed and sustainable decisions through software that provides a complete economic overview. Make sure you increase productivity, reduce costs and plan effectively for the future.

Unit4 FP&A (Prevero)


Best technology Consultants and advisors for companies
Best technology Consultants and advisors for companies

HR & payroll solutions ^

Choose the systems that suit your organisation best

By implementing an HR system, businesses in the public sector can optimise all their work processes and make payroll processes more accessible and transparent.

Our dedicated HR team knows the processes and the daily challenges in the field. We, therefore, offer two different solutions for HR and payroll that allow you to find the perfect system for your particular business where we are responsible for entire operation and training:

Unit4 HR & Payroll

CatalystOne HR System

Find out how we can help you to deliver more value ^

Cloud-based & secure ^

A Scandinavian competence centre

Our team has excellent experience implementing ERP and understanding organisations’ needs and processes. Always keeping post-ERP implementation change and scalability in mind, we focus on security, performance and reduced costs for cloud alternatives.

We make your ERP system theirs, which means employees get full ownership of the solution, and you can make changes as needed, giving you unbeatable flexibility.


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