Banking & Finance ^

We have high-level experience working with various banking and finance agencies for their management needs.

Arribatec is the only supplier with expertise across consulting, business development, implementation, operation and configuration of management systems.

How we can help ^

Leader in the development of integrations and APIs. We help you stitch the systems together and make valuable information available.

Advanced business intelligence and user-friendly analysis tools that give financial institutions control and the best possible utilisation of data.

Get an external security team behind you with our ‘security as a service’ and continuous improvement analysis. We ensure that you comply with all laws and regulations.

Get a team of cloud consultants to operate a platform using modern cloud technology. Our consultants know the banking industry.

Enterprise architecture (EA) utilises the organisation’s information and knowledge to build what you need and take strategy execution to the next level.

Our experienced and market-leading DevOps architects build and maintain your infrastructure—faster development and innovation with IaaS platform from Arribatec.

Upgrade to Unit4 ERP Milestone 7

Technology for the financial sector ^

Adding greater flexibility for companies that normally manage systems using their own infrastructure, but need temporary capacity expansion to remove load peaks in the systems.


Process management & enterprise architecture ^

We know that strategies, processes, support tools, documents and, last but not least, your employees must work together to support the company’s overall objectives.

Our advisers work to create consensus. We want to “Simplify complexity” by establishing management structures and work processes that are organisationally sustainable.

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