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We help shops, retailers and online stores with digital customer experiences.

Want to create unique buying experiences for your customers? Or do you need robust technical solutions for finance, HR and payroll or data analysis? Perhaps you need a new cloud solution? We will help you.

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We can supply your store’s hardware, display screens, signs, and digital boards. We help you become digital.

Organise your employees’ rosters, salaries and time schedules with our systems for HR & payroll.

We develop innovative online shopping sites and apps for your e-commerce business.

Our cloud department optimises your IT resources on a secure and scalable platform.

Get a business management system for the entire chain, handling everything from accounting to customer support.

We help you tailor your shopping experience with our own-developed solutions.


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In the retail of the future, the key is to achieve good interaction between online shopping and physical stores. We help companies with ambitious plans to connect online services and products to physical stores and delivery points. Do you want to create a holistic customer journey for your customers across physical and digital channels?

Customer case

New buying experience for InterSport ^

As part of the modernisation, we have for several years helped Intersport with their e-commerce platform and loyalty solution, VinnVinn. The solution gives customers access to exclusive offers and benefits with the e-commerce app. In addition, VinnVinn offers interaction with Intersport stores with positioning technology provided by Fluxloop.

The app communicates with sensors in the stores and offers customers relevant information and help. With InStore mode, Intersport can offer the customer added value in the form of comprehensive, relevant product information and the option to draw digital queue tickets. Customers can ask for help in the app and be contacted by the right specialist in the store.

Intersport was early on in testing the “Stream shopping” trend. A comprehensive presentation of goods and services with the possibility to trade directly from the video stream, a significant form of trade in Asia. Software Development assisted in this context with simple administration of streams in the e-commerce solution, developed the ability to connect products and offer effortless checkout of relevant goods directly in the video stream.

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Our consultants help you plan, develop and maintain your solution. Bring your ideas to Arribatec, and we will help you realise your ideas.

We make sure that all your systems talk to each other. Get inventory, receipts, payroll systems and finances on the same level.

Norwegian Support

Our Norwegian support centre is ready to help you should anything arise. We actually have the nicest consultants in the industry!

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We deliver solutions for shopping centres, individual shops, online shops and large chains. We can also deliver innovative and digital solutions for offices as well as niche shops such as hairdressing salons and hotels.

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