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Our consultants and advisors help you simplify complexity. In close cooperation with your company, we establish the following:

  • A robust business architecture which lays the foundation for further growth and adaptation to new market conditions.
  • Business management with a focus on quality, efficiency and flexible processes through continuous improvements.
  • Good processes for change management where we take full responsibility when implementing your new management system.
  • Good processes for the maintenance and further development of management systems, and we are happy to carry out this work together with or on behalf of the customers.

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Team Consultancy and Advisory (TCA) help you simplify complexity. Click the links below to learn more:

Business Process Management (BPM) ^

Why we care about Business Process Management – and why you should too
An organisation’s competitive advantage and success hinges on how effectively it operates and works towards attaining its strategic goals. All organisations have business processes – as they perform activities to turn inputs into products or services that create value for their stakeholders.

However, not all organisations choose to manage their business processes. And this lack of control leads to poorer business performance, such as low efficiency and quality. By managing and improving your organisation’s business processes through BPM, you can benefit significantly in cost savings, efficiency, employee satisfaction and quality.

How we see Business Process Management
We believe that BPM is all about improving business performance. For us, BPM is a management discipline that focuses on managing and improving performance by focusing on “how work gets done” within an organisation. 

Done right, BPM aligns the behaviours and activities of people, systems, information, and assets to produce business outcomes supporting business strategy and value creation. As such, BPM is about ensuring that the organisation is doing the right things and doing those things right. 

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Business Architecture (BA) ^

Why we care about Business Process Management – and why you should too
The march of internal and external unconfined change and uncertainty affects an organisation’s ability to make the right decisions and seize opportunities. Business Architecture is a discipline that enables organisations to make coherent strategy-derived decisions by connecting apt insights from different perspectives.

Regardless of perspectives, Business Architecture aims to ensure that an organisation’s operations are designed and built based on business objectives and their underlying context.

How we see Business Architecture
Business Architecture is all about alignment between defined goals, operational design and business performance.

Business Architecture should be viewed as a catalyst for business-driven change and transformation. Organisations can make the right decisions by methodically defining, designing, building and operating the business.

Operational efficiency and capacity for growth are what you achieve from successfully employing this discipline and its methods. 

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Quality & continuous improvements (CI) ^

Why we care about Quality and CI
Quality and continuous improvement are crucial for business performance and growth. Quality management allows you to constantly develop and improve to gain a competitive advantage. In addition, quality management helps you reduce risk and secure compliance.

Quality also affects your bottom line. Correcting mistakes and deficiencies is costly and time-consuming. Quality management helps you deliver products and services in line with requirements and expectations. The result is reduced cost and higher profitability. Moreover, quality contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, studies have shown that customers are willing to pay more for a quality product or service. 

Lastly, the quality you deliver will affect your reputation and market position. As such, focusing on quality and continuous improvement is smart and will gain your business in the long run.

How do we see Quality and CI?
Quality for your organisation is ultimately a question for your customers. You need to understand the needs and expectations of your customers to deliver quality products or services. Otherwise, you spend time and resources on something that doesn’t add value. As such, we help you develop a quality policy and goals based on customer and market insight.

You need to establish a Quality Management System to deliver what you have promised. We provide you with the knowledge, methods, and tools to enable quality and continuous improvement at all organisational levels.

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Change management ^

Why we care about Change Management – and why you should too
People are the dominant factor in achieving the desired outcome of changes. That is why you need change management. Studies show that initiatives ensuring a structured CM approach are six times more likely to succeed. How you guide your employees through change determines if the change is successful and, most importantly, if the change is sustainable over time. 

We have experienced the positive cost-, culture- and time effects of implementing a tailored and structured CM methodology. This is why CM must be managed in all change processes and projects.

How we see Change Management
We believe that Change Management is the key to success with change in organisations. This means that CM is not only crucial for projects but also enables you to develop organisational change capacity. Hence, your organisation will become more receptive to all future changes.

For us, the purpose of CM is to ensure sustainable change. Based on our extensive experience, it is a dynamic process where one must avoid the “one size fits all” approach. Hence, our change experts have the expertise, knowledge and tools to provide a tailored approach to effective implementation and sustainable change.

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Project Management ^

Why we care about Project Management
Delivering in-house PM expertise is both costly and time-consuming. Project management is one of our core capabilities. We are committed to success, and for nearly three decades, we have gained extensive project experience across industries and sectors – providing us with unique knowledge of project success factors. By selecting us, you get the project management competency and capacity, how and when you need it – allowing your organisation to focus on what it does best. 

How we see Project Management
A solid framework and good practice constitute the fundament of every project. However, projects are never better than the people who run them. Merely applying a theoretical framework is no guarantee for project success.

We believe in a holistic end-to-end approach recognising the dynamic interplay between people, technology and the organisation. A project model must be delicately tailored to the specific organisation, project characteristics and human needs. If you are to set up your project for success, understanding these dynamics is key. 

Every project is unique, and one size does not fit all. Based on extensive experience and our skilled PM consultants, we know what works and what does not. Simply put, we help you succeed with your needed projects by simplifying their complexity.

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Build an organisational culture of improvements ^

Establishing a management system is important – but not sufficient. Quality and continuous improvement should be embedded into your organisational culture. A culture where everyone strives to deliver quality and seeks improvement. As such, we will advise you on creating a culture of quality and CI in your organisation.

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