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Do you know how much an HR & payroll system can do for your company?

Get help to optimise work processes, simplify and strengthen the accuracy of payroll, as well as increase productivity, engagement and the growth of your talents.

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Fully integrated and automated

An HR and Payroll system, also known as Human Capital Management (HCM), is useless until it is properly implemented and integrated with the rest of your IT systems landscape. This is where Arribatec comes in. 

Our consultants deliver your HR and payroll system fully integrated with other important third-party applications and help you automate time-consuming HR, payroll and financial tasks. 

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Integrations as a Service ^

Integrations between different systems

Many businesses today have several systems covering different HR and payroll needs. And every IT manager’s dream is to have excellent and robust integrations between the various systems.

A skilled technical consultant, who masters the standard integration tools in your ERP system, in close collaboration with a professional consultant, who knows the professional requirements, is, in our opinion, a fundamental prerequisite for success with the integration work.

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Dedicated HR team ^

World-class consulting

Our dedicated HR and payroll team knows the HR department’s processes and daily challenges and can offer world-class advice.

Engage, support and inspire your employees through a seamless blend of an advanced payroll management system, a core HR system and Talent Management software, easily integrated into your other third-party application – what we call simplified complexity.

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Integrated HCM solutions for your organisation ^

More time to focus on value-adding tasks

HR and Payroll teams have had to focus too much on daily manual tasks, which means they are not given enough time to deliver the strategic improvements necessary if an organisation grows.

Today, it is essential to have an HCM solution that meets the company’s needs. We are experts in HR consultants and work with the best suppliers to cover all your HR and payroll needs.

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Core HR

Automate processes that will help reduce administrative time, allowing HR staff to focus on the employees. Gain valuable insights through real-time data and strategically support the rest of your organisation.

Talent Management

Talent management is always essential for both success and retention. Identify the key people in your business and tailor the support they need to thrive. We offer you a powerful tool that you can use to plan this.

Competence & Learning

Attract, retain and develop your employees with competence and learning solutions make education and development opportunities transparent and easily accessible to all your employees


Get the tools to hire more competent, attract the right people and match them to their ideal roles. It’s never been easier to set your people up for success, which drives engagement from the start.


We find continuous performance management at the heart of any organisation that promotes feedback and recognition. We offer you the software that will help you understand how your employees are performing and allow you to improve their performance as well.

Our HR & payroll products ^

If you are unsure, our consultants can help you choose the perfect HR and payroll system for your business


The Unit4 HR & Payroll solution helps to change this by giving you a single system for all your HR, Payroll and Finance operations, meaning you can automate the time-consuming tasks and free yourself and your team to spend more money on the work that matters.

The solution covers the entire lease-to-retirement cycle while helping to ensure more accurate and efficient data thanks to such integrations as costs being recorded in the general ledger of the Unit4 ERP (Agresso) Finance Management system.

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CatalystOne’s cloud-based HR software suite will elevate your HR and leadership teams to a new level. A solution designed to streamline critical processes for medium and large organisations worldwide.

CatalystOne is a comprehensive HCM software suite that supports all your HR functions, from Talent and Succession to Continuous Performance Management. Modular design means our solutions can be combined and configured to meet your unique requirements, and if your needs change, you can add more modules at any time.

Unit4 HR & Payroll solutions

& routine advisory ^

When was the last time you revised your HR & payroll routine descriptions?

Documentation and routine descriptions are often given lower priority.

Updating the documentation is also essential as new functions are introduced or changes are made to the setup of your HR and payroll system. We have extensive experience in preparing routine descriptions and can assist you with revising and updating this vital documentation.

Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Enterprise IT services - Arribatec references clients
Health check of your HR system

Health check
of your HR system ^

What was an intelligent solution a few years ago may no longer be the most efficient way to use your HR system today. A system health check from Arribatec can contribute to better utilisation of your tools and functions for your business.

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HR & payroll in-house consultants ^

Bad experience with replacement and rotation of consultants? Arribatec strives for our customers to have one to two permanent contact persons (in-house consultants). This gives our consultants in-depth knowledge of your company’s use of the payroll system and ensures that you, as a customer, get quick and correct assistance when needed.

Arribatec can also take responsibility for specific roles in your business for a limited period. If an employee in the payroll department leaves, we can assist with payroll processing during the period you are working on hiring a new person. It ensures the day-to-day payroll administration, while at the same time giving room to carry out a good hiring process without rushing.

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