QualiWare X Management system ^

A holistic management tool that provides structure and quality assurance. Developed to support and optimise organisations' strategy and management.

QualiWare is a management system that structures and visualises all processes, activities, regulations and requirements that an organisation must implement, improve and carry out to comply with and achieve its strategic goals.

The management system gives you endless possibilities and flexibility with a comprehensive overview and total control over your business.

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Transform your business with QualiWare X ^

Get a complete 360 view of your organisation with QualiWare X. Develop and transform the organisation with intelligent management and collaboration to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

QualiWare X includes innovative tools, methods and services that we can use to handle complex organisational challenges within Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Quality Management, Asset Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance.

By enabling you to connect strategic process models with operational models, such as RPAs and physical robotics, QualiWare X enriches the existing and reactive quality management system, creating a future-proof Enterprise Management System.

Ensure compliance & quality with QualiWare ^

QualiWare X gives you a quick overview of which processes, workflows and information that complies with various regulations and guidelines, for example ISO97001 or the UN’s Sustainability Goals.

BMSx is our own series of applications that improve and expand the capabilities of your QualiWare-system.

Management system app for mobile devices.

Automatic archiving solution for historical content.

Synchronisation of laws, regulations and standards in your management system.


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