BMSx ^

Expand the possibilities in QualiWare with the BMSx product series

“BMSx” is the name of Arribatec’s own product line that allows you to improve and expand the capabilities of your management system on top of QualiWare and the information you already have in it.

BMSx solutions complement QualiWare functionality smartly and simply via mobile and support your management system as the operational backbone of your organisation.


The BMSx products ^

Management system app for mobile devices

Automatic archiving solution for historical content

Always in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations with integration to Lovdata

Mobile app for QualiWare ^

Make it easy to work with QualiWare on the go with BMS Go for mobile and tablets. Take the company’s entire management system into the field with you.

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Work offline ^

Don’t let internet access rule the business – take control of the management system with BMS Go for an always-on solution. Work anywhere and anytime.

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kundehistorie entreprenør tekonologi skytjenester

Keep your data ^

With BMS Archive, you keep historical data from the management system QualiWare in a structured, automated and secure way. Take care of your data forever with the smart archiving solution.

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QualiWare integrator for Lovdata ^

Ensure that the management system always complies with Norwegian laws and regulations with BMS Lovdata, an Arribatec integration that links Lovdata and QualiWare together.

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Add-ons for QualiWare developed by Arribatec ^

Together with our customers, we focus on finding the right mix of cloud-based software for your specific challenges – delivered to you as a single solution to your business needs. Contact us at for a demo and more information.