Business solutions ^

Get an integrated and scalable solution with Enterprise Resource Planning as the core engine of your business landscape.

Our Business Services department specialises in simplifying the path to the goal for your business by implementing, adapting, maintaining and supporting the entire business landscape with ERP as the core engine.

We integrate it with our in-house developed solutions and other market-leading systems, such as Power BI and Hypergene, to provide better operational support and insight than a simple ERP system.

ERP integrations ^

Development and establishment of integrations between different professional systems is a separate focus area at Arribatec, and we will be your preferred integration partner.

We have broad experience developing integrations between well-known ERP systems and other software.

A skilled technical consultant, who masters the standard integration tools in your ERP system, in close collaboration with a professional consultant, who knows the professional requirements, is, in our opinion, a fundamental prerequisite for success with the integration work.

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Experts in ERP systems

With expertise in several ERP systems and as a developer of several additional solutions, you get a reliable ERP partner at your back.

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About Arribatec Group

Unit4 ERP Elite Partner ^

We are officially the largest provider of Unit4 services worldwide.

In 2021, Arribatec was announced as the best of all Unit4 Elite Partners, with experience across industries and a range of in-house developed additional services, we are the natural choice when looking for a Unit4 partner.

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Unit4 solutions ^

With a consulting business built on Unit4 Business World ERP (formerly Agresso), we can support all your core processes through implementation, integrations, operation and development.

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RamBase Cloud ERP ^

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system that helps companies in production and distribution gain control over the entire value chain, from sales to production to delivery.

RamBase is a flexible SaaS solution with rich industry functions that gives you access to key functionality via the mobile application at any time.

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BI & Analytics ^

Our BI & Analytics team offers consulting services and programs related to data collection, reporting and analysis.

They help you structure and visualise data in your business so that it gets the most value for you and your team. Make solid decisions and stay ahead of trends with visual and user-friendly dashboards.

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About Arribatec Group

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BI & Analytics
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Research & HR solutions
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