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Get an integrated & scalable solution with ERP as the core engine in your business landscape.

We implement, customize, support, and integrate the core
ERP system with other best-of-breed products that you may already have in use. We develop new software where needed and provide you powerful tools using business intelligence so you can make better decisions. All integrated as a natural part of your system landscape and IT strategy.

Whether you require services regarding a current system or want to explore innovative solutions, our consultants and developers assist and drive the process from analysis to delivery.

We deliver both Unit4 ERP and Rambase Cloud ERP.


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At Arribatec, we focus on creating the world’s best, scalable digital solution across IT disciplines. A single solution empowers our customers to ask and answer complex questions without requiring them to master engineering.  

To achieve this, we’ve built software & services for integrating data from any data lake with easy management and securing of data, on top of which we layer applications for fully interactive machine & human-driven analysis in real-time. We enable complex business activity faster to drive more value and maximize your revenue. Arribatec’s One Solution is a unique, disruptive solution in the cloud-computing SaaS value chain with easy integration & implementation with other solutions.  


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We simplify complexity by taking complete responsibility and ownership of your entire system landscape. Find the right mix of software and products, delivered as one neat solution, instead of pushing through one provider.

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Think about all the core processes you need to run a company successfully: finance, supply chain, HR, procurement, manufacturing. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system keeps all of these operations running while creating more accurate and efficient operations, giving a complete visualization of your entire business. In short; ERP-systems enable business growth.

Whether you want to upgrade, renew or modernize your current ERP-system or are in need of a completely new one, our consultants, developers and system architects will help you maximize your investment. Let us help you find the right ERP solution for your business.


We are passionate when it comes to data and strive to give your business a solid foundation for strategic and operational decisions. Our experts work with a broad range of BI tools such as Unit4Hypergene and Power BI to provide insight that is reliable and relevant for your business. This means you get a solution based on your needs rather than providing the one software we happen to know best.

Understanding the bigger picture, we deliver Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management Initiatives as an integrated part of our customer’s system landscape and IT strategy. Unlock powerful, yet user-friendly, analytics tools to gain competitive advantages and grow your business based on hard facts. 


Our highly skilled system architects and developers deliver complete applications and software tailored to your needs. We help you discover, create and take care of digital business opportunities through powerful technology and customization.

We help your business with innovation and tailor-made softwares. Together as a team we ensure that the systems evolve with your changing business needs over time. 

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