Arribatec Research Management ^

A holistic financial management system with your research projects in focus.

The solution, referred to as Arribatec Research Management (ARM), has been developed based on needs and experience from the institute sector and is based on many years of close cooperation with a number of Norwegian research institutes.

ARM is offered as a cloud solution with the possibility of a scalable and tailored approach for your business.

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What is Arribatec Research Management?

ARM is a comprehensive solution based on a combination of InstiPro and Unit4 ERP software.

InstiPro3 is the master for all project information and has functions for cost budgets, staffing, time registration and grants, including a separate financing module. InstiPro3 contains a number of ready-made reports and a separate “dashboard” per project.

Unit4 ERP handles all financial functions and interacts with InstiPro3 when it comes to fixed data and transactions.

The solution is used by project and department managers, in addition to the fact that it also provides a comprehensive overview of the business as a whole.

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ARM functionality ^

From creation to closure

The engine of the ARM solution is functions that support the research project and its cycle from creation to completion.

Instipro Arribatec ARM solution for projects

The research project ^

The engine of the solution is functions that support the research project and its cycle from creation to closure. ARM takes care of all the processes in the project’s life cycle.

Project structure ^

The solution takes into account that several separate projects can be linked together by defining one project as the main project, and associated projects as sub-projects. These will be separate projects, but on the main project you get all hours and expenses, allocations and invoicing, with reference to which project it comes from.

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Financing ^

The financing module is central to the management of the projects. External income and use of land grants can be parameter controlled and changed at any time without having to register transactions. “Assignments in progress” and “Invoiced income in advance” are settled continuously and automatically. 

The solution handles the use of multiple funding sources and multiple clients on the same project, including the distinction between internal and external funding.

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Income statement & internal trading ^

For any unit in the organisational hierarchy, regardless of level, a complete income statement can be obtained within seconds. 

The report obtains information from all parts of the system and is thus fully periodised and reconciled the moment after the timesheets have been received and entered into the books. Internal trading is specified and can be determined by drill down by person and project, both when it comes to buying and selling. The internal accounts show deviations from the periodic budget.

Economic framework ^

A systematic registration of all contracts and agreements from the various clients specified on the project forms the basis for being able to calculate and provide information on financial frameworks. Financial framework minus consumption forms the number “how much do I have left on the project”. Registration of contracts is also the basis for periodic invoicing.

Reorganisation ^

Based on experience, we know that institutes change departmental structures, resulting in people and projects changing departments. As a result of this, this is implemented in InstiPro3 very simply by specifying a new affiliation in the departmental structure. Reports and queries automatically adapt to changes in the structure.

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Staffing ^

The project manager can staff the project. Which interval (e.g. month, quarter, etc.) is chosen individually for the project. It is also possible to choose and staff out in either hours or kroner. The latter based on the solution keeping the hourly price in order.

If activities have been defined on the project, the activity can be staffed directly. The result of the staffing can easily be transferred to a cost budget for the project.

Time Registration^

The project employees keep their timesheets. All employee projects in his time portfolio are always shown in the time list. The flexi-time and holiday balance are automatically displayed based on hours worked and average time.

The timesheet also indicates how many hours the employee must remain for the project. Where there are red numbers, the employee has worked more hours than allocated to the given task.

Project management ^

The project management picture is simple and clear for the project managers. At the same time, in all screenshots and overviews it is possible to click down behind the numbers to get all the details behind them. Project managers primarily wants to know how much money is left on the project. Then they want to know why it is so.

Economy solution ^

In addition to project management, ARM is also supplied with a complete financial solution. This takes care of the accounting processes, including, for example, the general ledger, incoming and outgoing invoices with the associated follow-up of customers and suppliers and plant registers.

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Reporting ^

Extend the ARM solution with a flexible reporting solution. By adopting Hypergene, you get a streamlined solution for budgeting and forecasting, advanced analysis and reporting functions and visually attractive graphs.

Streamline the financial planning processes, follow up the project through advanced analysis and reporting capabilities and break down overall plans for goals, key figures and activities throughout the research project.

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