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We design, operate and monitor your entire cloud solution. Combine traditional and modern cloud.

Get help from our cloud consultants to implement, onboard, operate and maintain your entire cloud platform. We have Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services specialists. 

Give us total responsibility for the cloud solution and combine it with essential security functions, device management and license optimisation.

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Many businesses still have applications that cannot or should not be moved to a public cloud. The solution to this is application modernisation combined with hybrid environments. Our cloud specialists give you good advice along the way in your cloud transformation.

In addition to consulting around the cloud journey, we can take full responsibility for your cloud platform’s implementation, onboarding, operation and support.

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What is Public Cloud?

In a public cloud solution, also known as ‘Public Cloud’, all programs run on a platform and infrastructure of a third party, for example Microsoft. Public cloud services save you work related to the purchase, administration and maintenance of a local hardware and software structure, as the provider takes all responsibility.

A public cloud service is just as secure as a private server if you activate suitable security measures, including systems for detecting and preventing data attacks. It is, therefore, essential to have a good sparring partner, and here, Arribatec can assist.

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Azure Public Cloud

Azure Public Cloud is a consumption-based public cloud service from Microsoft where you only pay for the storage space, bandwidth or CPU cycles you use during a month.

Azure can deploy much faster than on-premise infrastructure and can be infinitely scaled based on the capacity needed at the moment. All employees can use the same programs from all offices, departments and units as long as they have access to the Internet.

Arribatec is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has Azure specialists who assist you with the implementation, operation and support of the company’s entire Azure environment.

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Azure Data Platform service

Amazon Web Services

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you get a global cloud infrastructure that quickly allows you to innovate, experiment and create. Where before you had to wait months for hardware, you can now immediately deploy new applications and scale up or down based on workload.

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What is cloud services?

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud platform packed with cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its products. Here you can build, test and deploy apps on a reliable and scalable cloud platform that helps you compute and store data.

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What is Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is a combination of cloud solutions adapted to your business. Many have applications that cannot or should not be moved to a public cloud because of legacy systems or for security reasons. Then we put what we can in a public cloud solution and the rest in Arribatec’s data centre in Norway. So you get the benefits from both private and public cloud! A hybrid cloud solution offers maximum flexibility, speed and new opportunities for companies with their own servers.

Advantages of hybrid cloud ^

Norwegian datacentre

Get complete protection of the Norwegian legislation with all storage in Norway. Perfect for those who need a secure solution with a temporary expansion of capacity to avoid load peaks in the systems.

Maximum speed

Provides completely new opportunities with a location in a data centre close to your business. Share data and applications between the public and private cloud for optimal performance and speed.

Cost effective

Get all the benefits of public cloud services at a lower price—new opportunities for companies that generally produce their own infrastructure on their servers.

Get help from our cloud consultants to implement, onboard, operate and maintain your entire cloud platform. We have Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services specialists. 

Microsoft Gold Partner

Arribatec is a Microsoft Gold partner. We are certified and offer our cutting-edge expertise on Microsoft Azure, so your company succeeds in its cloud journey.

A Norwegian
Hybrid Cloud ^

Arribatec has its data centres in Norway and can also set up a hybrid solution from the customer’s servers that balances cost and control. A cloud service that does not compromise on speed, performance and quality.

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What is cloud services?

What is Private Cloud?

In a private cloud service, you do not use large third-party providers such as Google and Amazon but run everything in a secure infrastructure on a personal platform. The advantage is primarily security and is most relevant for organizations with unique security requirements. 

Arribatec can deliver private cloud solutions via our Norwegian data centre or with its own infrastructure in the customer’s own premises. Get in touch to find out more about which private cloud solutions we offer.

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Operation & monitoring of your private cloud ^

For organisations that require a cost-effective solution with high performance and security in focus

Get the highest degree of security and at the same time lower costs with a private cloud solution from Arribatec.

Here you get a complete private infrastructure in our Norwegian data centre where we stand for the platform (PaaS), infrastructure (IaaS) and software (SaaS).

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What is the difference between a private cloud solution and having a local server?

The big difference between a private server on your premises and a private cloud solution is that you have entirely different flexibility. Previously, you had on-prem storage with physical, non-virtual servers. If you were to upgrade, develop or implement a new system, you would have to buy more hardware. Then you could never scale down either – because the hardware had already been purchased and paid for. 

When you choose a modern private cloud, you buy ongoing services instead of a significant investment. It allows you to switch off services as needed and only pay for what you need while at the same time getting a dedicated team that maintains and secures the solution on your behalf.

How can a private cloud solution be cheaper than a public cloud?

Unlike the public cloud, we do not charge for the use of bandwidth in our private cloud solution but only for renting the platform and infrastructure as a service. Suppose you need high-performance or many users who will access a jam-packed database. In that case, you can save money in a private cloud solution rather than running everything over public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure.

Are you optimising an existing cloud solution or switching to something completely new? We help you with your cloud journey.

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We help you choose the right cloud solution for your company and can take full responsibility for the implementation, onboarding, operation and support of your cloud environment.