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Design and development of Intersport's new e-commerce platform and loyalty solution VinnVinn.


Intersport Norway is one of Norway's largest in sports and leisure. As part of their modernisation journey, we helped Intersport with its new e-commerce platform and loyalty solution VinnVinn.

The project

In the retail of the future, the key is to achieve good interaction between online shopping and physical stores. Intersport has ambitious plans for connecting online services and products to physical stores and delivery points. The first store out was Intersport Sandvika.


The result

VinnVinn gives customers access to exclusive offers and benefits of e-commerce in the app. In addition, VinnVinn offers interaction with Intersport stores that have positioning technology. This technology is made by Fluxloop. The app communicates with sensors on the premises and offers customers relevant information and help.

Via InStore mode, Intersport can offer customers added value in the form of expanded, relevant product information as well as the opportunity to draw a digital queue tag.

Customers can ask for help in the app and be put in direct contact with the right expert in the store. The solution connects the employee to the customer in an efficient way and at the same time it ensures that the right people in the store are put on the task of solving the customer’s needs.

Customer journey

VinnVinn is about creating a comprehensive customer journey for Intersport’s customers across physical and digital channels. Sencors installed in the stores will help provide relevant information and a better customer experience in digital channels.

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"Innit's development team has delivered above expectations and in accordance with Intersport's ambitions to create the best digital shopping experiences for Intersport's customers. I can safely recommend Innit to anyone who needs a partner in digitization."

- Petter Vangstein, Digitalization- and IT-director, Intersport Norge
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