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It has never been more critical for manufacturing companies to have a complete overview in order to make good decisions

We know the challenges of increasing demands for transparency, demands to operate cost-effectively, lack of access to both components and the right expertise, and increased global competition.

Now is the time to invest in digitisation and intelligent solutions that improve, streamline and increase the competitiveness of your business!

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Experienced consultants with industry knowledge ^

Tailored and scalable solutions to streamline production and provide satisfied customers

The IT systems must follow when your business produces in different ways to meet customer needs. Whether you need consultancy for your existing system or want to explore new opportunities, our consultants and developers will support you from planning and analysis to implementation and maintenance. 

Arribatec creates and takes care of your business opportunities by connecting people, processes and systems to achieve an efficient and scalable production line.

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ERP system for industrial companies, production and logistics

ERP for production & logistics ^

ERP modules tailored for production with implementation, customisation, integrations, and support.

As a RamBase partner, we can supply an ERP system tailored for manufacturing and logistics companies and combine it with our services for implementation, integrations and maintenance. RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system with integrated modules for finance, sales, production, purchasing and quality, to name a few.

This includes intelligent production functions that help you work more efficiently and a system that follows the production and business development.

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Technical modules for efficient production ^

Digitisation is here and now – and you need an ERP platform to take part in the opportunities. We integrate advanced robotics and intelligent systems into your production processes using RamBase ERP.

Get industry-specific modules and features developed in close collaboration with manufacturing and wholesale companies, such as monitoring planned and actual setup times for all operations to see where you can improve or assemble orders to get more done faster.

IT løsninger for produksjon og logistikk
IT løsninger for produksjon og logistikk

Production module for ERP ^

Manage multiple production options and gain complete control over everything from warehouse location, delivery status and stock shortages.

Integrated processes give you an overview of all supplier purchases and correspondence with suppliers that is available throughout the production process. The updated status of each product is available at the part level, giving you full control over what you need to do to get the product delivered as planned.

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Systems that provide financial reporting in real-time and ensure quality in all processes ^

Industrial machines & equipment ^

Increase productivity and reduce costs

We know you are no stranger to strict quality regulation when you produce for industries such as oil and gas, subsea, maritime or other highly regulated sectors.

Suppose you are also facing a demand for new technology and must drive dynamic product plans. In that case, you need a partner like Arribatec to streamline process management and adhere to strict margin control.

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IT løsninger for produksjon og logistikk
IT løsninger for produksjon og logistikk
IT løsninger for produksjon og logistikk

Metal Production ^

Choose the systems that suits your organisation best

If engineering, machining, welding, assembly, and testing describe your business, then RamBase has all the features needed to work efficiently and grow your business. Go for a system that accommodates different production processes, whether MTO, MTS, ETO, etc.

Metal fabricators are embracing intelligent factory concepts, and with RamBase, you can too. Arribatec helps you implement RamBase and integrates and adapts the ERP platform for your particular company.

High-tech & electronic production ^

Quality assurance at all stages

Delivering quality is a must. Deviation management integrated with your production processes, traceability at the item level, and calibration tools are some quality features we provide.

Get a fully integrated ERP system tailored for high-tech and electronic manufacturing industries.

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Hardware licenses for business

Solutions that support global value chains and multiple manufacturing strategies ^

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Consultants and advisors
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