Arribatec branding
& visual identity ^

For media, partners, resellers and customers. Please read this page before using our logo and brand materials.


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Brand rules ^

Share our passion of technology and business solutions. We love to work together on presenting great content to your audience, as long as we distinguish the difference of what is Arribatec generated content and what is made by partner/reseller/media.


The logo shall only be used in ‘white’ or ‘almost black’ (#323232) colour. Do not alter the logo in any way, and do not place the logo on top of backgrounds where it’s hard to read.


Externals are unfortunately not allowed to use our custom font due to the font licence. We suggest using Inter or other sans serif fonts (keywords: simple, clean, modern). Externals parties are not allowed not use our special font characters | and ^ in their communication.


The symbol is a stand-alone graphic that shall not be placed together with the logo as one unit.

Brand Colours

External partners are free to use our colors to highlight elements related to our collaboration. We use the color ‘almost white’ and ‘dark green’ as background colors.

Arribatec Badges

For recognised partners and resellers, you are welcome to use download and use our Arribatec badges to promote the partnership.

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