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In addition to delivering our own-developed products and market-leading business software from our partners, we also take ownership of your complete system landscape, providing a tailored and cloud-ready solution.

We implement and integrate all your software products into your system landscape and monitor/support them to help your business reach its full potential. 

SolaaS: A smarter way to deliver software ^

Product overview ^

Our mission is to provide simplicity. We disrupt the way business software is deployed and delivered. We re-think the way business software is integrated, implemented and supported.

Contact us to be guided through the jungle of software products and we will help you find the right mix to fulfil your business’ potential. We implement and integrate these products, transforming software into solutions.

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Business Software Products ^

Gold icons mean it’s Arribatec-developed software, while red icons are third-party products that we offer accompanies by our best-in-class services for implementation, integration, customisation and support.

software products

| bank Hub

A product that automates payment file management between payer and bank, Arribatec Bank Hub. The product acts as an interface between Unit4 ERP and your bank.

software products


OLKWEB is an online platform for apprentices, training companies and training offices focusing on the apprentice. Get a complete overview of your apprenticeship.

software products

| Research, costing & pricing

A system developed by our consultants for Unit4 to calculate the true cost of research to an institution. It takes all costs into account and delivers transparency, with significant cost and time savings.

software products

Unit4 ERP

As #1 Elite Partner of Unit4, we deliver a full range of Unit4 ERP products and services together with our sister company Integra.

software products

Unit4 Time & Expenses

Easy time & expense management with automated processes ensuring proper entering the first time.
A game changer for managers.

software products

Unit4 HR & Payroll

An HR & Payroll system fully integrated with other essential third-party applications. Automate the time-consuming HR and payroll work.

software products

RamBase ERP

A cloud-based ERP system tailored for industrial, manufacturing and wholesale companies with industry-specific features.

software products

| Instipro

An Arribatec software to help research institutions fully manage resource planning for research projects. Get financial control.

software products

| research management

Arribatec Research Management (ARM) is one of our latest investments, with a full suite of products (including InstiPro) and services tailored to the research sector.

software products


Market-leading EA software that improves your business performance, efficiency and sales. An innovative approach to market dynamics and change.

software products

| BMSx Go

Take Qualiware with you out in the field. Our self-developed BMSx apps for mobile is a brilliant way to work remotely.

software products

| bmsx Archive

Automatic snapshots of your QualiWare repository’s historical content, easily retrievable within seconds.

software products

| bmsx regulations integrator

Your QualiWare management system always kept in line with laws and regulations relevant to you.

nordic software products

Power BI

Unify data from all sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

nordic software products


Streamline budgeting and forecasting processes, use advanced analysis and reporting capabilities and break down plans for goals, key figures & activities.

software products

Adra Suite

Automate and streamline your financial closing with, improved accuracy and reduce risk. The suite seamlessly integrates with Unit4 ERP.

software products

Microsoft 365

We know M365 and our Cloud Team will help set up, monitor and support your entire Microsoft environment. Stay productive and secure at work.

software products

Microsoft Azure

We have some of the best Azure consultants in the Nordics. With Azure Stack in our own data centers in Norway, and infrastructure developers in-house, we get you going with Azure.

software products

GDPR Portal

With the GDPR portal and Arribatec consultancy, you have all the best tools for complying with the privacy claim in a resource-efficient way.

Hospitality products ^

software products for hospitality

| stand-alone kiosk

100% unmanned all-in-one kiosk. The kiosk includes a 27″monitor, a key dispenser and a payment terminal. All the components are built-in, ready to welcome your guests in seconds.

software products for hospitality

| Component kiosk

Let your guests skip the line and choose to check in on the screen. Blend the kiosk into your environment with a wall screen or set up a fast-track check-in station with multiple kiosks.

software products for hospitality

| Holographic Kiosk

The world’s first 100% touchless check-in and check-out for your guests. Ensure a completely touchless self-service kiosk for your guest to fast-track their check-in and check-out.

software products

| Appless check-in

Without having to download an app, let your guests check in digitally from their own devices before arriving at the hotel.

| wayfinder meetingroom

Screens installed right outside the meeting room display the occupancy and schedule. Perfect for conferences with several ongoing courses, meetings or presentations.

Maritime softwares ^

Marine gold

| InfoSHIP Asset

Enable your users to optimise the stock process, improve the reliability of machinery, increase the control of ship efficiency, build on shared knowledge-based, benchmark company performance and keep their budget under control.

Marine gold

| InfoSHIP hqse

Record and track incidents and accidents that occur on board. Manage expiry or renewal of certificates, plans audit scheduling, and handle the follow-up flow of technical inspections and events.

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| InfoSHIP Planning

Support the technical department in managing projects such as Drydocks, Refitting or large CAPEX projects. Keep budget vs actuals under control, collect improvements requested by the ships and monitors the work in progress.

Marine gold

| InfoSHIP Performance

A real-time continuous fleet monitoring software which supports decision-making in terms of energy governance, fuel saving, route and speed optimisation, optimum trim advice and technical and managerial analysis.

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| InfoSHIP Electronic LogBooks

Effectively reducing manual input errors. Replace the official hard copy log books with an electronic format, enhancing data integrity and accuracy.

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| InfoSHIP Hotel Defect

A management tool designed for cruise lines to enhance productivity, collaboration, and accountability by providing the tools and framework needed to deliver the highest level of customer service.

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