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Family-owned AS Backe includes the companies Backe Entreprenør, Backe Prosjekt, Backe Eiendom and the machine rental company BAS. The group has a turnover of approx. NOK 4.5 billion and has close to 850 employees across the country.

The project

In 2020, we implemented Backe’s entire operating platform and assist with continuous optimization and utilization of the cloud. Having control over data is more important than ever. Data-driven insights have become crucial to business success. As a professional and future-oriented player, Backe has understood the importance of collecting, structuring and making data available internally and externally. Our skilled development consultants continuously assist with this work.

The result

By investing in a holistic understanding of Backe`s business and working interdisciplinary with operations and development, we can, together with Backe IT, add decisive benefits to their core business.


"Thank you for a fantastic effort in connection with the establishment of our new IT platform in April. It is almost on the edge of what you can expect that you also assisted us with the Betonmast-job in Bergen in the rush towards summer, but we have become acquainted with you as a group that gets the most incredible things done! You are an important reason why I look forward to further cooperation, and everything we will achieve for Backe! "

- Gunilla Stüssi, IT-manager, Backe
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