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Our network operation service involves the outsourcing of network operations and helps ensure that all your network components can function optimally.

Azure Public Cloud Operations

Based on our concept for operating Azure Public Cloud (APC), you get a service that ensures stable and secure operation by Microsoft’s “best practice”. The service is based on technology and tools from Microsoft but can also include third-party tools for monitoring, logging and security.

Since there are significant differences between customers regarding which workloads are established, and APC typically includes dynamic workloads where the environments can change scope and character in a relatively short time, the service consists of a fixed price part and a variable price element. Together we define the scope based on your needs. 

This is some of what the service may contain:


  • Compliance
  • Response time for expert expertise
  • SLA for uptime
  • Automation
  • DevOps

Supervision and monitoring:

  • Metrics
  • Logs
  • APM
  • Containers


  • OS patching
  • Update of third-party components
  • Updating of PaaS services that require controlled updating


  • Backup of VM Workloads
  • Backup of File level application-specific data on VM’s.
  • Backup of PaaS Services

The service should be used with one or more of our security-related services

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