Unit4 FP&A (prevero) ^

Fully integrated solution from Unit4 for sophisticated planning, analysis and reporting

Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), formerly prevero, helps public enterprises improve transparency and financial accountability. The system for budgeting and forecasting is ideally suited for public enterprises.

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, Unit4 FP&A is an intelligent planning tool that ensures you have complete control over your organization’s planning and forecasting processes.

Consultants and advisors
Consultants and advisors

Gain better insight into the business ^

Make informed and sustainable decisions through software that provides a complete economic overview. Make sure you increase productivity, reduce costs and plan effectively for the future.

Designed to transform complex data into clear, actionable insights, Unit4 FP&A is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). You don’t have to define rules manually and can spend more time working on strategic, value-creating tasks.

An integrable planning tool ^

A decisive factor is how Unit4 FP&A can be integrated with your other business systems quickly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless flow of source data and quick access to accurate business information. FP&A also includes a pre-built integration with Unit4 ERP.

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How does FP&A compare to the Unit4 Planner solution?

While Unit4 FP&A and the Planner solution share some similarities, FP&A is a more recently developed solution and therefore has some different functionality not included in Planner. These include artificial intelligence (AI) predictive forecasting and modelling capabilities, to name a few.

We will provide you with a complete gap analysis of the two solutions. Get in touch.

Advantages of Unit4 FP&A ^

Integrated financial planning

The solution covers all the organisation’s financial planning needs.

Financial consolidation

Consolidate all of your organisation’s financial information into a single, shared, fully featured system.

Sales and operational planning

Analyse what your teams need to help them achieve even better results.

Personnel planning and analysis

Leverage the skills of your people by making smarter decisions about how to use and manage them.

Risk and opportunity management

Predict future performance to help you determine the best strategic approach.


Track and manage the effect on your leasing contracts with our simulations and reports.

Add-ons ^

Arribatec has developed additional solutions for Unit4 to further enrich and complete the solution.

The following solutions are available:

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Consultants and advisors
Consultants and advisors