Regulations Integrator^

Your QualiWare management system always kept in line with laws and regulations relevant to you.

Keeping your organisation’s activities well within the boundaries of statutory requirements and demonstrating how you comply with them is one of the main objectives of a management system. 

BMSx Regulations Integrator makes this job easier by automatically synchronising any law or regulation from to your management system, updating them when changes occur and notifying you so that you can quickly and timely manage any impact on your processes and governance.


Features ^

Maintains statutory requirements for you

  • Synchronises any law or
    regulation from
  • Automatically updates
    legal texts right in
    your management system

Keeps your organisation aware and compliant

  • Connect relevant laws and
    regulations to any object to
    manage the impact of changes
  • Keeps you informed of changes through e-mail notifications

Developed by Arribatec ^

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