AF Gruppen choosing Arribatec for support
AF Gruppen has over 5,500 employees, all of whom must receive the salary they are entitled to. This requires a well-functioning system and consultants with expertise in Unit4 ERP and payroll management.

How AF Gruppen saves time on payroll processing

With a “single-client” approach, AF Gruppen has gone from running payroll from each individual company separately to collecting all payroll functions for all its 5,500+ employees in one client.

Unit4 simplifies payroll processing for AF Gruppen

AF Gruppen is Norway’s leading construction and industrial group with over 5,500+ employees, all of whom should receive the salary they are entitled to.

With a single-client approach, AF Gruppen has gone from managing payroll from each individual company separately to collecting all payroll functions in one client. This solution is unique to Unit4, and Arribatec offers the market’s best in-depth expertise in ERP and payroll.

They use Unit4 ERP, formerly Unit4 Business World, to handle all employee payroll. They have collaborated with Maksit, now part of Arribatec Group, on HR and payroll since 2011.

Geir Wold Aarseth works as system manager for AF Gruppen, in a department that runs payroll services for some of the companies in the group. Aarseth says that there are various reasons why they contacted us;

– The consultants are mostly used when we have made changes, have questions or have discovered errors. Arribatec is always able to answer our questions. They have experience and knowledge from Unit4 and have been involved in developing and working with the solutions we use.

Effective communication

For Aarseth, communication with the consultants has been important.

– Working with Arribatec gives us security. We have different experiences with system consultants from other companies, and some have to be booked a long time in advance. The advantage of Arribatec is that we get answers immediately. As a customer, we greatly appreciate this because payroll is one of the most critical processes for our group, he says.

The group’s most important resource is the employees, so AF Gruppen must have partners who know the industry and the payroll system well.

– Salary must be paid regardless of whether it is a holiday or not. They are predictable and give good advice and instructions, continues Aarseth.  

Ability to understand the problem

Aarseth is impressed by Arribatec’s ability to familiarise himself quickly with new issues.

– They know this inside and out, and it’s very comfortable for me, he says.

He believes that it takes a short time from when the payroll department has sent an inquiry until Arribatec has started investigating the problem.

Sees the connection between the system and salary

AF Gruppen has also had an analysis carried out where they have looked at points for improvement in pay and sickness absence.

– We have several proposals and improvements Arribatec has identified in digitising salary-related processes.

Aarseth says he is satisfied with their feedback and that they have received many good suggestions.

– They are good at showing us where we have improvement potential. They ask questions about why we do things the way we do and are happy to advise on how we can simplify processes.

Aarseth answers with a laugh when asked if he would recommend Arribatec to others.

– I had intended to say no because they would have more to do. But of course, it is a yes! They have the knowledge and extensive experience in payroll. Arribatec is the best in payroll solutions, and it is a security for us that they can deliver.

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