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Klubben’s expansion required a robust and reliable network infrastructure. Arribatec stepped up to the challenge.

A new reliable network infrastructure for Klubben

Since 2019, Klubben AS, a leading supplier of sports and aquatic equipment, has trusted Arribatec with the full outsourcing of their IT needs. This partnership has flourished over the years, driven by mutual respect, a shared commitment to excellence and open dialogue.

Known for their extensive range of products including over 190 different kinds of swimming goggles sold in 2022 and about 200 online orders daily, the company relies heavily on robust IT infrastructure to manage their diverse inventory and ensure smooth operations. 

The Arribatec team visited Klubben’s warehouse recently. (From left to right: Lisa Gilbert, Morten Husum, Øivind Nygård, Kristian Bjerkås, Vegard Dufseth, Peder Beitnes).

In 2023, Klubben marked a significant milestone by moving into a new state-of-the-art warehouse. This 3.500 square meter expansion required a reliable network infrastructure. Arribatec stepped up to the challenge, delivering a network project that exceeded all expectations.

The CEO of Klubben, Erik Heggelund, was particularly impressed by the project’s streamlined execution. “The project went even smoother than I could have hoped for. Large spaces like this often present challenges with network coverage, but this was a completely problem-free project,” he remarked.

Such success stories are a testament to the strong collaboration between the two companies. Lisa Gilbert, Business Development Manager at Arribatec, emphasized the ease of working with Klubben. “The people that work in Klubben are fantastic! They are down to earth and clear on what they need from us as a partner, which makes them a dream to work with.”

klubben warehouse
Arribtec staff at Klubben

The partnership between Arribatec and Klubben is a shining example of how the two companies are achieving success by fostering long-term collaboration. As Klubben continues to grow, Arribatec remains committed to providing top-notch IT solutions, ensuring that their journey is as smooth and efficient as possible.

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