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Six Reasons You Need Holistic Enterprise Architecture ^

In this webinar, Dr. John Gøtze will present the EA Cube, a holistic enterprise architecture approach that helps enterprise architects and their enterprises to confront today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

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As enterprise architects you need to understand:

  • how the elements that make up your enterprise are related,
  • your enterprise’s risk appetite and security challenges,
  • your enterprise’s business ecosystem,
  • your enterprise’s value proposition,
  • your enterprise’s products and services, and
  • your enterprise’s culture and its stakeholders.

These six understandings can be gained by using the EA Cube approach to enterprise architecture. The EA Cube is a proven approach to working holistically with enterprise architecture in complex enterprises. The approach has been developed over the past 15 years by leading academics and practitioners, and is used in hundreds or public and private organizations around the world.

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