Upgrade to Unit4 ERP Milestone 7

The features of the solution

Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 is designed to help your business manage its people, projects and assets more efficiently than ever before.

This Unit4 ERP Cloud solution improve your system and the way your staff work, allowing you to gauge for yourself how much of an impact these features would have on your efficiencies.

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Upgrade to Unit4 ERP7

Dynamic Forms

Data can be defaulted into forms, decreasing the need to key data which is already
held in the system. Form layout can now be dynamic, so that the entry within a given field causes another field, flexi-field or flexi-field tab to be hidden or visible. For example, in a questionnaire where a user is responding to the question, ‘where did you hear about this service?’, the entry of ‘Other’ would then make a section visible asking
the user for additional detail. 

Data contained within Forms can now be used to generate Business Data, such as transaction postings or Masterfile register entries.

Forms have been enhanced and offer three pieces of functionality. All of this has been designed to reduce the amount of manual work, improve delegation and give access to high-quality data as each room have their own weak spots. Without a proper system to detect these spots, weak points keep being weak.


More efficient creation and maintenance of workflow process diagrams. The new interface offered by Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 is more intuitive and has an improved ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality.  Existing workflow maps will also automatically be recognised within the screen, meaning there is no need for you to build existing workflow processes. 

Easily and efficiently create workflow process maps. This new feature is designed to be more user friendly and intuitive, making it easier to create and maintain process diagrams. You should also be able to save your users valuable time thanks to the existing workflow recognition functionality. 

unit4 erp milestone 7
Upgrade to Unit4 ERP Milestone 7

Webification of Financials

The following screens are available at Unit4 ERP Milestone 7: note portfolio enquiries; error transactions report batch import; import customers and suppliers; and account groups.

The full ‘Agresso Financials‘ menu is available. This new feature removes the need for users to have access to a desktop executable, either installed locally or accessed via Citrix.

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Mobile Absence

Using the app, employees can enter absence and accidents; update medical certificates; extend absence; and close absence.

There is an absence entry mobile app which allows employees to manage absence remotely. The mobile app not only allows you to find out about absences as soon as possible, but it also allows you to record and track the data associated with the absence, as well as keep in contact with the relevant employee.

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Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 is designed to help your business manage its people, projects and assets more efficiently than ever before.

Information browser 2.0

Information Browser 2.0 gives you one single starting point for reporting and planning processes. Providing easier access to business data for more users, its easily created reports help increase information value, as well as the distribution of information.

Meanwhile, the new Report Maintenance Screen has been designed to help you better govern the creation and management. 

With Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 you can create: additional charts and gauges for reporting; integration with Analyzer XP, structures and statistical expressions are now supported; and new report maintenance screen.

Workflow approval of role additions & alterations

Pre-populated electronic form with user data and corresponding roles.
This form can be sent into workflow for approval, with authorised forms then automatically granting a user membership of a role (which in turn will confer new access rights, or workflow task approval responsibilities).

You can now create a pre-populated electronic form which acts as a user request for access to roles. This feature not only allows for a better audit trail when it comes to menu access changes, but it also leads to less manual work and fewer errors thanks to the pre-populated forms and automatic updates. It also puts a stop to unauthorised access, as well as creating a more efficient on-boarding process for new starters.

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Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 is designed to help your business manage its people, projects and assets more efficiently than ever before.

Improved web document archive

With Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 now you have the ability to set the ‘list’ setting as default; grant multiple roles access to documents; exclude the logged-in user from being able to see documents; display documents on a separate screen.

Document archive has been enhanced so that it is now possible to retain your preferred layout. This attractive user interface not only leads to more intelligent organisation, but it also helps put an end to wasted time searching for documents, as well as providing a more personalised user experience.

API Message Hub

Secure, scalable message broker (Unit4 Internal); messaging SDK, adoption of Identity Services for authentication, authorization and identity information; actor model pattern support; and API endpoint for external integration purposes… all these are new features withing Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 API Message Hub.

An application program interface (API) which allows for the exchanging of data, events and commands with other solutions. The API Message Hub enables you with the ability to take advantage of a massive range of integration scenarios, both within Unit4 solutions as well as with external (non-Unit4)

Unit4 ERP Milestone 7 is designed to help your business manage its people, projects and assets more efficiently than ever before.

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Upgrade to Unit4 Milestone 7