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Creating tomorrow's software - tailored for success

Our highly skilled system architects and developers deliver complete applications and software tailored to your needs. We help you discover, create and take care of digital business opportunities through powerful technology and customization.

If standard implementation or process adjustments does not sustain your required way of working we can deliver customization of most of our offered solutions. 

Customizing standard applications can create a highly complex and costly future solution if not delivered in the right way. We have extensive experience in all aspects hereof and focus on delivering sustainable solutions, enabling us to guarantee future upgrade through maintenance contracts also on customization.

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Understand who you are creating a solution for

System development is something we pride ourselves in and we always strive to develop systems with the full life cycle in mind – from planning to management.

To succeed digitally you need to know who you are creating the solution for and what their needs are – then we use technology to create value. We provide you with valuable insights to help you along the way. Our interdisciplinary teams help you create easy-to-use digital solutions that engages.

Development Services ^

Tailored Software Solution

A team that works for you from planning to management. We develop and take full responsibility for the delivery of the solution on your behalf. We are responsible for the team, technology league and the management of the application, which is continuously developed in collaboration with the customer.

We help your business with innovation and tailor-made system solutions. Together as a team we ensure that the systems evolve with your changing business needs over time.

Heads for Hire

Hire one or more of our developers, programmers, designers or project managers in your own team. We support your team where you need more in-dept competence and input, for example, within programming, project management, design and UX.

Want a unique software solution tailored to your needs? .

Customization as a service ^

Your existing software solutions are not always sufficient to achieve your goals. In some cases it makes more sense to use an available software solution and add customized elements or to rebuild the structure than to start from scratch, or vice versa.

Using Arribatec for software development will help you understand what is the most cost effective solution to achieve your goals by mapping your needs, evaluating existing market solutions and building a strategy of either customization or new software development, depending on your business and industry. Regardless, we will help you achieve your goals.



We have the DevOps expertise to take your software further. Our Azure Kubernetes consultants ensure efficient development, reduced time-to-market and improved engagement. We connect the best teams of development and operations together to deliver agile and durable software solutions.


A software as a service (SaaS) for the Norwegian apprentice scheme. OLKWEB is an online follow-up platform for apprentices, training companies and training offices with a focus on the apprentice. Get a complete overview of your apprenticeship or apprentice, including contracts, curriculum, assessments, as well as various forms that may be useful to you as an apprentice.


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