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A web-based training tool for follow-ups and administration of apprentices via a dedicated mobile app

Get a complete overview of the apprenticeship, including contracts, syllabus, assessments and various forms that may be useful for the apprentices.

The apprentice gets a system to manage their documentation throughout the apprenticeship, from contract to vocational certificate. The documentation is linked to the curriculum and learning objectives.

As an employee of an apprenticeship company, you can follow the progress of your apprentices through their documentation, assignments and tests, as well as give them feedback on their work.

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Make it easy for apprentices to document their apprenticeship with OLKweb Lærling.

Mobile app for apprentices ^

Make it easy for apprentices to document their apprenticeship with OLKweb Lærling.

With the mobile app, the apprentices can document directly from their mobile phone or tablet with images, text and video. They also get an overview of upcoming events, relationships, messages, and more!

OLKweb Apprentice can be found on Google Play and the App Store.


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OLKweb is adapted so professional managers can easily follow up on their apprentices.

  • Self-assessment for the apprentice.
  • Development of own assessment criteria.
  • Easy implementation of half-yearly interviews.
  • Archive for assessments throughout the apprenticeship period.
  • Measurement of progression during the apprenticeship.

With their training book, the apprentice can quickly produce documentation.

  • Automatic download of curricula from UDIR for documentation.
  • Easily document curriculum goals on PC, Mac, tablet or mobile.
  • On-the-go documentation with ongoing feedback from the consultant or company.
  • Easily document multiple curriculum goals at the same time.
  • Supports documentation throughout.
  • Supports images and video for better documentation of work.
  • Time registration associated with documentation if necessary.

With OLKweb, you can calculate grants for apprentices and payments for companies.

  • Simple follow-up of the apprentice and the companies.
  • Automatic generation of apprenticeship contracts.
  • Registration for subject/apprenticeship test.
  • Journal-keeping, note-taking and document archiving.

OLKweb allows you to retrieve reports based on apprentices, companies and documentation.

  • Own customised reports with PDF support, excel, and CSV.
  • Filter and selection criteria on reports.
  • Graphic representation of historical data.
  • Grant reports with distribution and budget options.
  • Collect the syllabus for Norweigan “Udir” or build your own
  • Customise the curriculum for one apprentice or use a template for all
  • Create an internal curriculum to plan when many apprentices will learn about the same topic

As an instructor at a training office, you can obtain an apprenticeship and curriculum from Udir. You can also build your own curriculum to adapt it to your business.

You can manage the assessments from the apprentice and the employee, calculate grants for apprentices and make payments for the companies.

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An application developed by Arribatec ^

Together with the training offices, we have developed OLKweb to be functional, comprehensive, and easy to use. We have focused on the end-user experience and maximum learning outcomes.

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