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OLKWEB is an online follow-up website for apprentices, training companies and training offices with a focus on the apprentice. Get a complete overview of your apprenticeship or apprentice, including contracts, curriculum, assessments, as well as various forms that may be useful to you as an apprentice.

As an apprentice you get a system for managing your documentation through your apprenticeship, from contract to finish. Your documentation connects to your curriculum and to your goals for your apprenticeship.

As an employee at the training companies you can follow the progress of your apprentices through their docmentation, tasks and tests and give them feedback on their work.

Want to know more about the benefits of OLKWEB apprentices and training tool?

Features ^

As a instructor at an training office you can collect apprenticeship and curriculum from Udir. You can also build your own curriculum to adapt it to your business.

You can administrate the assessments from the apprentice and the employee, and you can calculate the grants for apprentices and payment for the companies.


  • Collect curriculum for Udir or build your own
  • Adapt a curriculum to one apprentice or use the same for many
  • Create an internal curriculum to plan when many apprentices will learn about the same topic


  • Document your curriculum in the form of text and pictures
  • The documentation connects to one ore more of your goals
  • See the results of your tasks, tests and learning

Follow up

  • Have a full overview of your apprentices and their status on your dashboard
  • Give feedback to the apprentice as he/she documents their work
  • Administrate assessments from the apprentice and the employee

Developed by Arribatec Cloud ^

Together with the clients, we have developed OLKWEB to be functional and comprehensive, yet easy to use. Contact us at for a demo and more information.

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