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"Through Hypergene, we have gained a unique tool where we get a good structure for reporting and following up on targets, strategies and KPIs."

The tool that allows Mørenett to follow-up of targets, strategies and KPIs

Mørenett and Arribatec partnered in the autumn of 2020 as the organisation needed a tool that allowed them to step up their strategic and financial reporting / Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

Several products were evaluated, and Hypergene was chosen as the best tool for Mørenett for strategic planning and financial reporting. This includes utilising the following modules in Hypergene:

Close collaboration with the finance team

The implementation project was divided into four phases, one for each module and another for integrating their ERP System.

The starting point was a bit tricky as Mørenett’s had an older ERP system we needed to integrate with. We managed to create good integration between Hypergene Cloud and the older on-prem ERP system.

All the implemented modules were done in close collaboration with Mørenett’s finance team, working on implementing the solutions and reports while getting their feedback across all the phases.

Despite a few challenges, the project took less than a year to be completed, and it was finalised by spring 2021 — a truly remarkable collaboration between the Arribatec and Mørenett.

Easy access to company data

Mørenett now has a management tool that helps their employees gain easy access to the company’s data and the ability to view and analyse data over time. In addition, they now have a tool that gives them a common platform for which goals they as a company should work towards.

“Through Hypergene, we have gained a unique tool where we get a good structure for reporting and following up on targets, strategies and KPIs. We can present the result in a Company Report, which gives us good information presented in an appealing form.”
– Bente Fylken, CFO at Mørenett

The tool challenges them to consider their implementation ability, objectives, KPI and results. In addition, Hypergene is a time-saving factor when there is a need for ad hoc reports — creating value propositions and other subjects to make decisions fast and efficiently.

After the whole implementation process, Arribatec has continued to support us with further developments, adjustments and optimising our experience with the system. Additionally, we helped the customer implement a new KPI module. The KPI module helps quantify goals and calculate KPIs based on a wide range of data, from financial to strategic data.

Feedback from the customer:

“The solutions and collaboration with Arribatec have been exactly what we needed in connection with developing our strategy work and implementing that strategy into a system. Arribatec has been with us on a great journey, and we have had access to skilled and competent employees who have given us good advice along the way.”

– Bente Fylken, CFO at Mørenett

About Mørenett:

Mørenett AS is responsible for transmitting all electric power in 12 municipalities in Sunnmøre and parts of Nordfjord. About 240 employees work in the company. Mørenett is the leading expertise and technology company in electrification in the Møre region and supplies power to over 73,000 customers.

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