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Expand your possibilities with BMSx

«BMSx» is the name of Arribatec EA & BPM’s own line of products that enable you to enhance and expand the possibilities of your management system on top of QualiWare and the information you already maintain in it.

The name «BMSx» is inspired by physics where elementary bosons are force carriers that function as the glue holding BMSx solutions and provide complementary functionality in a smart and simple way, leveraging the impact of your management system as your organisation’s operational backbone.

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Want to leverage the impact of your management system?

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BMSx products ^

Management system app for mobile devices

Automatic archiving solution for historical content

BMSx Offline

Your management system always available offline

Your QualiWare management system always kept inline with laws and regulations relevant to you.

Developed by Arribatec EA & BPM ^

Together with our customers we focus on finding the right mix of cloud-based software for your specific challenges. Contact us at for a demo and more information.