Cloud IRT & Purple team ^

A dual offering of Cloud IRT and Purple Team services to reinforce your cybersecurity posture.

While our Cloud Incident Response Team (IRT) expertly handles cybersecurity incidents, our Purple Team combines the best of both security teams, emulating attacks (Red Team) and defending against them (Blue Team) to continually improve your security infrastructure.

Purple team security service

Key features of our IRT and purple team service ^

  1. Incident Response: Our IRT provides a swift and thorough response to cyber threats, minimising impact on your business operations by identifying, isolating, and neutralising threats.

  2. Forensic Analysis: Sophisticated investigation into the root cause of security incidents involving detailed analysis of logs, digital evidence, and system behaviours.

  3. Threat Hunting: Proactive search within your network for undiscovered threats using advanced analytics.

  4. Incident Response Playbook: Creation and provision of detailed incident response plans tailored to your business.

  5. Purple Team Exercises: Integrated offensive and defensive cyber operations to test and improve your security measures. By simulating real-world attacks and defences, we identify vulnerabilities and implement improvements.

  6. Post-Incident Review and Training: Analysis of your system’s vulnerabilities post-incident to develop preventive measures. We also offer staff training on threat detection and response best practices.
Purple team and Cloud IRT Security services
Purple team and Cloud IRT Security services

Your benefits ^

  • Minimised Downtime: Our rapid response helps mitigate damage, reduce recovery time, and prevent loss of revenue.

  • Continuous Improvement: Purple Team exercises provide a cycle of constant testing and enhancement to your cybersecurity measures.

  • Expert Assistance: Leverage our specialised knowledge and experience to bolster your security posture.

  • Compliance: Assistance with adhering to regulatory requirements related to incident response, including GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

  • Enhanced Security Awareness: Training programs that equip your team to prevent and respond to future threats.

  • Peace of Mind: With Arribatec, rest assured that your business is prepared for any cybersecurity incident.

Protect your business from cyber threats ^

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Purple team and Cloud IRT Security services

The challenges our
Purple Team can solve:

We understand the pain points that your business face in today’s threat landscape. Here are some common challenges our Purple Team can help you with:

Identifying and understanding all potential security vulnerabilities within your systems can be a daunting task. Our Purple Team can help uncover hidden risks, providing a comprehensive view of your business’s security posture.

Cybersecurity talent shortage is a widespread challenge. Our Purple Team experts work hand-in-hand with your team, sharing knowledge, and filling skill gaps, so you can maximise your internal capabilities.

Being constantly on the defense without proactive measures leaves your organisation vulnerable. Our Purple Team conducts proactive threat simulations, helping you identify weaknesses and implement proactive measures to thwart attacks.

Navigating complex compliance requirements can be overwhelming. Our Purple Team understands the landscape and can assist in aligning your security practices with industry regulations, ensuring compliance.

In the face of a cyber incident, having a well-prepared incident response plan is critical. Our Purple Team works with you to test and improve your incident response capabilities, helping you minimise the impact of potential breaches.

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Why choose Arribatec for security services?

Arribatec combines cutting-edge technology with years of cybersecurity experience to protect your organisation. Our support centre is open 24/7 to provide an immediate response to security incidents. 

Through our comprehensive and tailored offerings and years of experience, we are dedicated to securing your company assets and maintaining your trust.

Disclaimer: Arribatec’s Cloud IRT and Purple Team services aim to significantly enhance your security posture by providing expert guidance and assistance but do not guarantee complete prevention of cyber threats.

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