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Buying Microsoft licenses from Arribatec is smart. For the same price, you get benefits such as support and license administration

In addition, you can choose extended support from our support plans. Our consultants help you with license optimisation to eliminate redundant costs.

Microsoft is constantly adding new functionality to the Office package, and then we offer the company’s employees tips and training. We manage your M365 security and provide quick support when something happens.


Faster return on your Microsoft investment ^

Lower upfront costs and more effortless adjustment of Office 365 licenses and functionality about real needs. You can mix different Office licenses according to the functionality your employees need.


Microsoft licenses ^

- and why choose Arribatec?

Microsoft’s software is developed at rocket speed, providing ever higher business value when used correctly. With license management from Arribatec Cloud, we ensure that your company can discover and exploit opportunities while eliminating redundant costs.

We optimise your licenses so that you only pay for the most necessary per user. We also ensure that you do not pay for licenses that are not fully utilised, licenses for former employees or users who are going on leave.

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Microsoft 365 for business ^

Always the latest version

Predictable costs and always the latest version when buying Microsoft365 from Arribatec.

Safe as the vault

Multi-factor authentication, encrypted data, as well as compliance management and reporting are included.

Always Online

Guaranteed uptime. Order online, work online – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Tips on how to save money on your Microsoft licenses with future-oriente license administration

Free Microsoft Advisory

Future-oriented license management of your Microsoft environment helps you lower your costs. This is our best tips and tricks to keep the costs low.

Your Microsoft benefits ^

Increased productivity

Work efficiently with new apps and functionality such as Teams, Planner, Forms and Sway. Work as you wish with all apps on desktop and browser
– seamlessly and undisturbed.

Easier collaboration

Work in real-time with your colleagues from anywhere. Work in the same documents, design advanced spreadsheets and create great presentations. Getting the job done has never been easier.

Email domain

We set up professional e-mail for the company in one go. You get your business domain from us. Write which domain you want in the order form at the bottom of this page.

Better security

Get better security easily, with multifactor. With us you get extra security for access to your Office 365 services with multi-factor authentication.
Get a code via SMS, phone call or authenticate via app in addition to your username/password.

License optimisation of your Microsoft environment ^

Identifying the right license plans for the entire organisation is the first step towards optimal management. After that, we create a plan for the efficient handling of all your 

Central to this is our simple administration tool that can communicate directly with all agreements in the partner centre. You can easily assign and remove licenses on the fly only when necessary. This means that the number of available licenses (unassigned) is always kept at zero, which further reduces the total cost. 

Licenses can also be predefined for each organisational unit and assigned automatically for new users. They can even be customised by turning off and adding features (service plans).  

Feel free to ask us about IUA, as the toolbox is called, and one of our Microsoft specialists will provide a non-binding offer.

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