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Visma goes beyond ensuring compliance. It offers a suite of features designed to optimise manufacturing companies’ entire payroll experience.

The perfect payroll complement to powering manufacturing and distribution companies in Norway.

Norway’s manufacturing and wholesale distribution sectors are economic powerhouses, driving innovation and growth. However, managing these industries also presents unique challenges, particularly regarding payroll. At Arribatec, we have helped many of these companies, like Griff Aviation and Dynamic Precision, streamline their core by using RamBase ERP. However, a dedicated solution like Visma is the perfect complement to RamBase for seamless and compliant payroll processing.  

RamBase offers a unified solution that empowers you to focus on what matters most—growth. Imagine a centralised platform that simplifies and optimises every aspect of your manufacturing or wholesale distribution business. RamBase ERP delivers exactly that, from managing inventory and production planning to streamlining order processing and customer relationships. 

While RamBase excels in core ERP functions, payroll presents a complex landscape in Norway, and this software does not cover it. Here’s where Visma steps in, offering a comprehensive solution designed to address payroll challenges. 

The Unique Challenges of Payroll in Norway 

Norway’s robust social safety net and strong union presence create a complex landscape for payroll management. Here’s a breakdown of the hurdles you might encounter: 

  • Strict Regulatory Labyrinth:  Norway enforces a strict web of regulations regarding taxes, deductions, and mandatory contributions. Keeping up to date with ever-changing tax laws and ensuring accurate deductions for social security, unemployment insurance, and other programs can be a constant challenge. 
  • Unionised Workforce Complexities:  A significant portion of the Norwegian workforce belongs to unions with specific pay agreements and benefits. Managing these agreements can be intricate, often involving complex calculations based on seniority, job roles, and negotiated terms. Traditional payroll systems might struggle to handle these nuances without specialised configuration. 
  • Multilingual Support is Crucial:  Norway values multilingualism in the workplace due to its globalised workforce.  A payroll solution offering interfaces and support materials in Norwegian is essential for clear communication and reduced errors, especially for employees who may not be fluent in English. 
  • Integration Hurdles:  Disconnected systems can create data silos and manual work. Integrating payroll with your existing system requires a solution specifically designed to work seamlessly together. This is crucial to avoid the risk of errors caused by double data entry. 

Looking at this scenario, Visma goes beyond ensuring compliance. It offers a suite of features designed to optimise manufacturing companies’ entire payroll experience: It automates tax calculations, deductions, and contributions, saving valuable time and resources. It grants instant access to critical payroll reports, providing insights into labour costs, overtime trends, and employee benefits utilisation. This data empowers organisations to make informed decisions regarding workforce management and resource allocation. 

Visma’s user-friendly self-service cloud portal allows employees to access payslips, request leave, update personal information, and even download tax documents. This reduces HR’s administrative burden and fosters a sense of ownership among employees. Data security is paramount. Visma prioritises the highest levels of security to safeguard sensitive employee information. Additionally, Visma ensures adherence to all relevant Norwegian regulations. 

At Arribatec, we integrate Visma with RamBase, streamlining processes and minimising errors. Employee data like names, positions, and social security numbers are automatically synced between RamBase and Visma, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the risk of discrepancies. Integrate timekeeping systems with RamBase and Visma. This allows for automatic data transfer of worked hours, overtime, and absences, simplifying payroll processing. Leverage the power of integration. Once time and attendance data are transferred from RamBase to Visma, payroll calculations, deductions, and taxes are automatically applied, ensuring accurate and timely payments. 


With our help, and by implementing RamBase and integrating it with Visma, Norwegian manufacturers and distributors can improve their operational efficiency, fostering a more efficient and productive work environment. 


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